Think Big When It Comes to Recruiting, Even on a Small Business Budget

When it comes to the recruiting and talent acquisition tactics of large, well-known and global corporations you may think the tools for success can only come from a massive budget and nearly endless resources, but that’s doesn’t have to be the reality.


If you’re a small business but you want to acquire talent like a multinational corporation, you don’t necessarily have to spend more in terms of time or money—you just have to be smarter in terms of how you spend resources.

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Smart recruiting brings access to the very best talent, regardless of the size of your organization.

So how do you go about borrowing acquisition and recruitment techniques from the big names?

Revel in Your Ability to Be Personal When Recruiting

Large companies may actually have a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting, as compared to their smaller counterparts. Large-scale corporations tend to receive so many applications for every job opening that they’re forced to automate portions of their recruitment process. This can lead these companies to miss out on some really great candidates who simply didn’t meet an automated set of standards.

For example, let’s say you have an entry level candidate who’s incredibly talent or who brings a great educational background, but that person isn’t very experienced when it comes to creating a resume.

Shortcomings on a resume may lead to that person being passed over at a large company, but if you’re a small business owner you may have the opportunity to personally assess individuals and locate great talent that’s gone under the radar.

A lot of large companies are actually working this sense of personalization into their recruitment techniques, particularly when it comes to the tech world. They’re seeing that those colorful or unlikely candidates on paper may actually turn out to be the best employee, so use this to your advantage as a small business.

Rely on Referrals

If you have a small business there’s often the sense your employees truly care about the growth and success of the company. Use this feeling of inclusion and shared goals to drive recruitment.

Many large companies have strategic employee referral programs in place, and that’s something that you can also utilize as a recruiting tool even as a small business. You may even have the upper-hand over larger companies in terms of employee referrals because of that sense of a team small businesses often have amongst owners and employees. Everyone in a smaller organization tends to want to help the business succeed so they’re going to be more willing to contribute valuable and worthwhile employee referrals and be part of the recruitment process.

Rally Around Relationships

When we look to the recruiting “secrets” of top companies, particularly in Silicon Valley, you’ll see one thing they often have in common—relationship building.

Rather than only looking to the immediate future when it comes to filling a position or sourcing talent, large companies increasingly recognize the value of building relationships over the long-term.

Let’s say you want to recruit that outstanding executive from a large company. While it may not happen right away, you can get to that goal if you’re willing to put in the time. It may be five years from now when you finally acquire the talented employee you have your eye on, but ultimately it’s likely to be time well spent.

Building relationships is inexpensive and something that’s completely feasible for even the smallest of businesses, yet it’s also one of the most relied-upon recruitment and talent acquisition tactics put in place by some of the world’s most recognized and respected



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