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The Higher Pay Payback

October 17, 2016   

It is widely acknowledged that service industry jobs have the highest churn rate of any job occupation. Why? While part of the problem is the demographic (historically, many service industry jobs were held by teens and people in their early twenties), increasingly, these jobs are held by adults but still produce high churn rates, because […]

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Fewer PhDs Can Benefit Business

September 16, 2016   

Today, many graduate schools are watching something unfold that they have not seen in decades: declining interest in graduate programs. The latest national data, released just last week by the Council of Graduate Schools, indicates that there has been a 4.3 percent decrease in applicants to graduate schools over the past year. But what does […]

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Embracing Reverse Mentorship

September 11, 2016   

Most organizations have some type of mentorship program in place. When older workers with more experience, more wisdom and often a better sense of humor about the ups and downs of business pair up with younger employees, there is a lot to be gained. But what about the reverse? Can young workers mentor their elders […]

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Linking Performance Reviews & Training

September 9, 2016   

In May 2016, Forbes published an article declaring the performance review to be dead or at least no longer particularly useful. As the contributing writer, Liz Ryan, wrote: “I presided over the annual performance-review process for 10,000 employees and I regret it now. Performance reviews are expensive, time-consuming and pointless. They are worse than pointless […]

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Why Organizations Get Stuck

August 21, 2016   

Over the past two years, the United States has been plagued with high-profile police shootings, primarily of young Black men. Of course, these incidents are not new or unique. Police units across the United States have been struggling with racism for years. The question is simple: Why can’t they change? That’s precisely the question Barbara […]

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After Fracking, Young Workers Struggle

May 1, 2016   

It seemed like only yesterday that anyone could land a high-paying job in the energy sector. Indeed, between 2010 and 2013 as fracking increased, some communities in oil-rich regions even started to see rising high school drop out rates as young men abandoned their studies to obtain entry-level positions with attractive $50,000 to $75,000 salaries […]

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8 of the Most Common Talent Management Mishaps Made by Startups

February 28, 2016   

In today’s marketplace, just the word “startup” conjures images of a glamorous, fast-paced career where innovators are coming together to change the world. While that might be true for some startups, it’s not the norm. This past week has really highlighted some of the issues happening with startups and technology companies in general. Two big […]

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What All Businesses Can Learn From The HubSpot Culture Code

February 14, 2016   

An Overview of HubSpot Hubspot, based in Cambridge, MA., is a company that delivers and sells inbound marketing software. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, the company earned $100 million in funding at its launch from companies like Scale Venture Partners, Salesforce, and Fidelity. The company […]

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Can Performance Reviews Be Harmful? And If So, What You Can Do About It

November 6, 2015   

Research highlighted by the Wall Street Journal is showing something surprising: not only can performance reviews cause a bit of anxiety for employees, but this stress can actually be harmful.  The Findings The Wall Street Journal is bringing to attention the findings of a paper in Strategy + Business, written by a team of researchers […]

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The Personal SWOT Analysis

March 4, 2015   

Many people are familiar with the classic SWOT analysis, the 2×2 matrix with its four elements of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Interestingly enough, know one really knows the origins of this essential tool. Although often credited to Stanford University’s Albert Humphrey who used it back in the 1960s and 1970s, he does not claim […]

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