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A Simulated Plane Crash Boosts Morale

January 9, 2017   

If you’re looking for a way to boost both morale and team building skills, there is now a new option. Get everyone at the office together and head over to Survival Systems USA. The company traditionally offered training for people who may in fact be likely to find themselves in scenarios where they need to […]

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Talent Recruitment Across Borders

November 13, 2016   

Over the past five days, some Americans have been wondering, “Can I just move to Canada?” In fact, even before election night was over, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to the high number of Americans attempting to come up with a “exit plan.” There is a widespread perception that moving to Canada is an […]

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Recognizing and Managing Overachievers

November 5, 2015   

The term overachiever can draw sharp and distinctive reactions from people, particularly in the workplace. On one side are people who view overachievers as the dream employees, while there are some who feel the term is one that’s not necessarily positive. While “overachiever” isn’t a new term, it’s become more prevalent in talent management, particularly […]

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The Pitfalls of a Transparent Salary Policy (And Solutions to Avoid Them)

January 2, 2015   

Transparency is one of those workplace trends that’s shaking up talent management in a big way. Employees are more frequently asking for and even demanding the sense of an open, honest work environment and employers are seeming to embrace the concept as well. One of the ideas that often goes along with a transparent workplace […]

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Spotlight On: JetBlue’s Employee Recognition Program

December 23, 2014   

Undoubtedly JetBlue is an innovator amongst airlines. While larger competitors like Delta and Southwest seem to constantly face tumultuous situations and customer dissatisfaction, JetBlue has emerged as the underdog that still knows what it is to provide superior service to customers.

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7 Free Ways to Boost Employee Morale for the New Year

December 23, 2014   

Employee morale and engagement may wane throughout the year, but perhaps one time of year employees seem to be most uninspired is right after the New Year. Employees have enjoyed the excitement surrounding the holidays, and as they head into a new year the winter slump tends to take over. So how do you start […]

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Intelligent risk-taking. How to make good risk decisions.

November 20, 2014   

Whether it’s you as an individual employee, your department or your entire organization, your success is affected by your ability to take risks. In this sense, it’s important to understand the risk-taking profile of your company, your team and yourself. What you’re aiming for is intelligent risk-taking, which means having a process for making good […]

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Worried You’ll Look Like a Scrooge? Tips for Handing Out Holiday Bonuses

November 19, 2014   

The trees are decorated, the company holiday party is just around the corner and as a company leader, you have to determine how to handle what many of your employees have been looking forward to all year—the holiday bonus. So how do you determine who gets what amongst your employees? As with every other aspect […]

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