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When Perks Go Bad: Unintended Consequences

March 31, 2015   

Who doesn’t like a few perks with a job, right? After all, as talent management and HR practitioners, you know you have to offer a competitive package of compensation and benefits to attract and retain the top talent you need. But it’s also worth considering what can happen when you take perks too far. You […]

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The Pitfalls of a Transparent Salary Policy (And Solutions to Avoid Them)

January 2, 2015   

Transparency is one of those workplace trends that’s shaking up talent management in a big way. Employees are more frequently asking for and even demanding the sense of an open, honest work environment and employers are seeming to embrace the concept as well. One of the ideas that often goes along with a transparent workplace […]

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Can You Really Fire Someone With Compassion? Consider These Tips for Graceful and Professional Firing

December 31, 2014   

The New Year is officially upon us and maybe you feel it’s time to get rid of an employee – or a few employees – who aren’t performing or who are toxic for your corporate culture. It’s never easy to fire anyone, but it comes with the territory as a leader. Of course you never […]

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Worried You’ll Look Like a Scrooge? Tips for Handing Out Holiday Bonuses

November 19, 2014   

The trees are decorated, the company holiday party is just around the corner and as a company leader, you have to determine how to handle what many of your employees have been looking forward to all year—the holiday bonus. So how do you determine who gets what amongst your employees? As with every other aspect […]

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Retention Secret #9: Promoting from Within

November 18, 2014   

It happens over and over again in organizations everywhere. You need to hire a key position in the company and you conduct the usual search, get a ton of external applications, sort through them with all due diligence and select who you think will do the best job. Then several months into the new hire, […]

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Buffer’s Value-Driven Talent Management Strategy

November 7, 2014   

At Talent Management 360 we love to come across companies and organizations with unique approaches to how they manage employees and one company that caught our eye is Buffer. Buffer is a relatively new company having launched in January 2013, but they’ve made quite an impact already, both in terms of their product and their […]

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To Pay or Not to Pay – The Great Intern Debate

November 5, 2014   

Mark Cuban tends to be a polarizing force in the business world and one of his many opinions he frequently shares is why employers shouldn’t pay their interns. Cuban has been outspoken about why he thinks people should work for free, and it’s brought up a large debate about the issue. A Rise in Unpaid […]

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Is It Really Worth It To Pay Employees to Quit?

October 31, 2014   

Zappos first gained attention a few years ago for what sounded like quite the strange policy—essentially paying employees to quit. Zappos is an online retailer of clothes and shoes, and it’s grown into what many would call a mega-brand. They are not only well-respected among consumers, but also among employees. Zappos is known for its […]

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Microsoft CEO’s Comments About Female Employees Raise Eyebrows

October 23, 2014   

We’ve discussed women in the workforce quite a bit recently, and oftentimes our talent management posts align more closely with the headlines than we even initially realize. One example of this came earlier this month as the Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, made some comments about females in his organization caused a stir, to say the […]

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Container Store CEO Shares Why It’s Worth It To Him to Pay Employees More

October 23, 2014   

There’s a big debate in the U.S. right now surrounding minimum wage and how much corporations pay employees in general. On one side of this debate are people who believe companies shouldn’t be mandated by the government to pay employees a certain amount because it can lead to inflation and stagnation in one’s career, among […]

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