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College Tuition Tops Faculty Pay

September 3, 2016   

This past week, colleges and universities kicked back into high gear nationwide. Along with all those students heading back to school were thousands of faculty members. While students are often eager to return to campus, for many faculty, returning to work is simply a reminder of their poor working conditions. How bad is it? This week, […]

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Talent and the Liberal Arts

July 31, 2016   

As the summer winds down and the school year looms, it is not just employers but also parents and college-age students who are thinking about the relationship between education and job training. While liberal arts degrees have long existed and at times been considered the best start for people working across sectors, harsh economic times, […]

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After Fracking, Young Workers Struggle

May 1, 2016   

It seemed like only yesterday that anyone could land a high-paying job in the energy sector. Indeed, between 2010 and 2013 as fracking increased, some communities in oil-rich regions even started to see rising high school drop out rates as young men abandoned their studies to obtain entry-level positions with attractive $50,000 to $75,000 salaries […]

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The New Way Employers Are Attracting Millennials

December 16, 2015   

Before diving into the newest trend in talent management, consider these facts about student loan debt: From 2004 to 2014, the average amount of debt carried by college students at graduation rose an astounding 56 percent. A recent report from The Institute for College Access and Success showed that average debt rates went from $18,550 […]

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Wanted: Better Career Support from Higher Education

January 31, 2015   

President Barack Obama is trying to do what he can to make higher education more accessible to more people, from trying to make community college free to anyone who really wants it to coming up with new metrics that will help people choose which institution to attend when the time comes. Of course, it would […]

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Why Obama’s Free Community College Plan is a GREAT Idea

January 14, 2015   

President Barack Obama thinks community college should be free to anyone willing to work hard at it, the same way primary and secondary schooling from elementary through high school has been free for ages. For a moment I want to set aside all the arguments as to the idea’s feasibility in terms of how to […]

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