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Uber’s Diversity Report Confirms Organization’s Problems

March 30, 2017   

Earlier this week, the ride-sharing company Uber released its anticipated diversity report. The report was commissioned in February after a blog post by a former Uber engineer revealed widespread discrimination and sexual harassment problems at Uber’s headquarters in California. The report, while a first step, simply confirms what already appeared to be the case: Uber’s […]

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Uber’s Future is Now in Question

March 4, 2017   

A few years ago, Uber appeared to be on its way to becoming one of the most powerful companies in the world with its plans to transform work, lower traffic congestion in major cities, and even roll out self-driving vehicles. Behind Uber’s genius was an obsession with using data to make the very best decisions […]

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Why Teams Fail

February 3, 2017   

You’ve probably heard it more times than you can count – individual employees or managers complaining about dysfunctional teams. It’s especially frustrating because you know how vital it is to your organization’s success for teams to be highly functional and achieve optimal productivity. Knowing why teams fail is a good starting point. If you’ve never […]

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Is Your Company a Deliberately Developmental Organization?

January 3, 2017   

You want your company to become a world-class leader in its niche, and you’re more than likely familiar with the well-weathered notion of your company’s greatest asset – it’s people. When you first entered the field of talent management or human resources, did you have a vision for how to do things differently? Did you […]

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Post-Election Workplace Vigilance

January 3, 2017   

There are some disturbing post-election trends that could have an impact on your workplace and which suggest stepping up your efforts to make the work environment safe and secure for all your employees. There are widespread reports of a sharp increase in hate crimes, harassment, and racist incidents. Trying to make a direct link between […]

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LGBT Rights and Corporate Support

December 23, 2016   

As 2016 comes to a close, Talent Management 360 is offering detailed insights into some of the year’s top news stories and speculating on how these stories will likely continue to impact talent management in the coming year. The sixth article in our series examines LGBT rights in 2016 and the corporate response. In 2015, […]

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Thanksgiving or Gray Thursday?

November 19, 2016   

30% of annual retail sales take place between Black Friday and Christmas. An especially high percentage of sales take place over the Thanksgiving weekend. To put this into perspective, consider just a few 2015 sales figures. On Black Friday, over 74 million Americans went shopping. While this may sound like a huge chunk of the […]

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The Higher Pay Payback

October 17, 2016   

It is widely acknowledged that service industry jobs have the highest churn rate of any job occupation. Why? While part of the problem is the demographic (historically, many service industry jobs were held by teens and people in their early twenties), increasingly, these jobs are held by adults but still produce high churn rates, because […]

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Corporate Support for Black Lives Matter

October 2, 2016   

This past week, the Black Lives Matter movement found a new ally in a very unlikely place. In an impassioned speech to company employees, Randall Stephenson, the White CEO of AT&T, told his employees that “Our communities are being destroyed by racial tension…and we’re too polite to talk about it.” While such words are not […]

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How Companies Drive Social Change

September 24, 2016   

During the Ebola crisis, a surprising leader emerged, and it was not Doctors Without Borders, the WHO or the Red Cross. Rather, it was Firestone—a company better known for manufacturing tires. What Firestone did was respond quickly and effectively to the first signs of the Ebola outbreak, put appropriate checks in place to identify potential […]

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