2017’s Top Talent Management Stories

December 21, 2017   

Talent managers faced no shortage of challenges in 2017 from finding workers to fill today’s new and emerging jobs (e.g., in data science) to ongoing concerns about gender relations in the workplace. Below are Talent Management 360‘s votes for the top five talent management stories of 2017. Global Talent Is Under Attack The year kicked off, […]

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Is Deloitte’s New Diversity Strategy a Good Idea?

August 5, 2017   

When most organizations tackle diversity issues, they do so by creating programs to recruit minorities, including women, members of the LGBT community, and visible minorities. To date, these programs have changed the workforce but they have not yet created organizations where executive teams and boards of directors are not primarily White and male. In fact, […]

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Recruit While Supporting Internal Talent

July 29, 2017   

In June, the Canadian government announced in a cheery video message that it was recruiting top researchers from around the world. Their recruitment drive was well timed. In June, Canada was about to kick off a series of high-profile celebrations to market its 150th anniversary.  However, many onlookers have suggested that the government’s announcement of […]

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Training Talent for “Storeless” Retail

July 24, 2017   

With Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, the retail industry continues to reel as it contemplates the future. Most certainly, it now seems that moving forward, more and more retail transactions will take place without stores. This means that training retail talent will also need to be radically rethought and at least some retailers (namely […]

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Voice Modulation Masks Gender but Doesn’t Work

July 21, 2017   

Recently, scandals at Uber and other tech companies have continued to draw attention to the fact that gender equity in the workplace is still an ongoing struggle and one that won’t be easily overcome with good intentions or even progressive policies. A key problem is that gender bias breed gender bias. Men are more likely […]

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