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Can Performance Reviews Be Harmful? And If So, What You Can Do About It

November 6, 2015   

Research highlighted by the Wall Street Journal shows something surprising: not only can performance reviews cause a bit of anxiety for employees, but this stress can actually be harmful.  The Findings The Wall Street Journal is bringing to attention the findings of a paper in Strategy + Business written by a team of researchers from […]

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Now Trending: Accountability

February 2, 2015   

Mention the word accountability in organizations today and you’re likely to get some uncomfortable fidgeting, maybe even some rolling of the eyes. Why is that? In part it’s because of how accountability is typically positioned in organizations – it tends to only get talked about when things are going poorly. When accountability is discussed within […]

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Now Trending: Honesty

January 17, 2015   

When Billy Joel put the song Honesty on his 52nd Street album in 1978, he probably didn’t have the workplace in mind. But the refrain of this popular hit is becoming a mantra among an increasing number of organizations. Honesty is such a lonely word Everyone is so untrue Honesty is hardly ever heard And […]

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The Pitfalls of a Transparent Salary Policy (And Solutions to Avoid Them)

January 2, 2015   

Transparency is one of those workplace trends that’s shaking up talent management in a big way. Employees are more frequently asking for and even demanding the sense of an open, honest work environment and employers are seeming to embrace the concept as well. One of the ideas that often goes along with a transparent workplace […]

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7 Signs Your Organization Has a Toxic Corporate Culture

September 30, 2014   

Think a negative or less than ideal corporate culture is meaningless? It’s not. You may have a small business and not even realize you have a corporate culture, but regardless of whether or not you recognize it, you undoubtedly have a culture, for the better or worse. Corporate culture encompasses so much of how employees […]

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