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Training Talent for “Storeless” Retail

July 24, 2017   

With Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods, the retail industry continues to reel as it contemplates the future. Most certainly, it now seems that moving forward, more and more retail transactions will take place without stores. This means that training retail talent will also need to be radically rethought and at least some retailers (namely […]

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How H-1B Visas Support the U.S. Talent Pool

June 10, 2017   

With millions of highly educated Americans already looking for jobs or new jobs, why look abroad? This is the question that Mr. Trump continues to ask and so do many Americans. On this basis, H-1B visas, which are commonly used to give foreign workers the right to live and work in the United States, are […]

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At-Risk Youth in the Talent Pool

November 5, 2016   

When most talent managers think about so-called “at-risk youth,” they are more likely to think about them in the context of a seasonal food or clothing drive or charity event than in the context of recruitment. The grim reality is that for a lot of “at-risk youth”–in the the United States, these youth are often […]

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Keep Your Talent Moving

October 11, 2016   

I’ve written about the ergonomics of sitting, standing, and everything in-between in my last two articles. While sitting may not be the new smoking as was previously claimed, and standing is not necessarily the answer, what we do know is this: It’s the overall lack of movement that’s killing us. So what can you do […]

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The Gray Gender Gap

October 8, 2016   

On the surface gender differences in marital status may appear to be disconnected to talent management issues. In fact, they are far more entwined than one might expect. A recently released federal study reveals that across age groups, older men are far more likely to be married than older women. As reported in the New […]

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Fewer PhDs Can Benefit Business

September 16, 2016   

Today, many graduate schools are watching something unfold that they have not seen in decades: declining interest in graduate programs. The latest national data, released just last week by the Council of Graduate Schools, indicates that there has been a 4.3 percent decrease in applicants to graduate schools over the past year. But what does […]

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The Over Reliance on Metrics

September 9, 2016   

Guess what? Teams work best in a safe psychological environment. As reported in the New York Times, shortly after Google released the results of its multi-year study on team work, “There were other behaviors that seemed important as well — like making sure teams had clear goals and creating a culture of dependability. But Google’s […]

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College Tuition Tops Faculty Pay

September 3, 2016   

This past week, colleges and universities kicked back into high gear nationwide. Along with all those students heading back to school were thousands of faculty members. While students are often eager to return to campus, for many faculty, returning to work is simply a reminder of their poor working conditions. How bad is it? This week, […]

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Makerspaces: New Way to Recruit Talent?

August 31, 2016   

If you don’t already know, “makerspaces” are one of the newest things in education. Taking a page from punk’s DIY (do-it-yourself) handbook, makerspaces have recently popped up in libraries, schools and community centers across the nation. While they are sometimes back-to-basics workshops complete with metal works and woodshops, most are equipped with 3-D printers, computers […]

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Small Business Talent Management Mistake #2: Failing to Invest in TM

August 29, 2016   

It’s an all-too-common scenario for small businesses: You feel like you don’t have the budget or expertise to make sure you’re hiring the right people, but it has to be done so you do your own research and wing it. Maybe things turn out all right in the end and maybe not. People who have […]

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