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Zenefits Highlights the Problems of a Corporate Culture Gone Wild

February 28, 2016   

Zenefits has been making news headlines all year, and not for the reasons it wants to be. The latest scandal coming from Zenefits came to light at the end of February when the story broke that Zenefits was revamping its culture. What did that mean? The Silicon Valley company was banning sex and drinking at […]

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What It’s Like to Work for

December 10, 2014 is one of those innovative companies earning attention not just for its products and offerings but also for being a great place to work. At the start of the year it earned the number 7 spot on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For list. Get smart and learn more about what can […]

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Comparing a Few of America’s ‘Worst Companies to Work For’

December 10, 2014   

Employer brand may seem like an abstract concept until you look at the catastrophic consequences some companies deal with when they’re dubbed one of America’s worst companies to work for. Get smart and learn about how companies are qualified as the worst to work for. 

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Retention Secret #9: Promoting from Within

November 18, 2014   

It happens over and over again in organizations everywhere. You need to hire a key position in the company and you conduct the usual search, get a ton of external applications, sort through them with all due diligence and select who you think will do the best job. Then several months into the new hire, […]

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The Top 5 Ways Companies Drive Away Talent

November 17, 2014   

There’s a great deal of focus in today’s marketplace about how companies can attract the best talent but companies continue to unknowingly do things that are in reality driving away talent. Many of the top reasons employers are pushing talent away are because of long-standing policies and actions that are simply unfavorable in the eyes […]

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As the Holiday Shopping Season Nears, These Retailers Are a Standout in the Eyes of Employees

November 12, 2014   

We may be barely into November, but that hasn’t stopped major retailers from airing commercials, sending emails and promoting their holiday sales. It seems like the holiday shopping season begins earlier and earlier every year, but many retailers have already been in the spotlight throughout the year because of their less-than-satisfied employees. Even during the […]

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Core Concepts: Building Your Brand From The Inside

October 31, 2014   

We recently talked about two companies—Clif Bar and Zappos. Both have unique talent management strategies that are gaining them a lot of attention and a lot of praise from many. At the core of their talent management framework? Strong internal branding. Companies Who Start Their Branding From Within At both Clif Bar and Zappos, the […]

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Is It Really Worth It To Pay Employees to Quit?

October 31, 2014   

Zappos first gained attention a few years ago for what sounded like quite the strange policy—essentially paying employees to quit. Zappos is an online retailer of clothes and shoes, and it’s grown into what many would call a mega-brand. They are not only well-respected among consumers, but also among employees. Zappos is known for its […]

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Increase Your Employer Brand Through Your Employee Value Proposition

September 24, 2014   

You need the best talent. You want the best talent. These facts are understood, but how do you go about attracting them to your company. While there still may be a big problem with unemployment both in the U.S. as well as globally right now, there’s simultaneously a shortage of good talent. Companies everywhere are […]

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