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Five Ways to Check In on Summer Interns

July 13, 2017   

Managing summer interns is never easy. While some interns turn out to be future colleagues, other interns create more work than they carry out and some even prove to be a huge liability. In 2010, an intern at TechCrunch was busted when it was discovered that he was asking startups for big gifts (e.g., a […]

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Sorry, No Phones: Banning Phones in Meetings

April 8, 2017   

A few months ago, an acquaintance, who also happens to be the vice president of corporate communications at one of the nation’s largest technology companies, revealed something shocking: When she has a meeting, she makes her board members and even her CEO leave their phones in a basket at the door. While banning phones in […]

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Theranos – The Concluding Chapter

October 8, 2016   

Over the past 24 months, there have been no shortage of articles about Theranos. First, there were the articles about its turtleneck clad young multi billionaire founder and CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, who started the company in her dorm room at Stanford, dropped out, and eventually found herself luring her former professors away from Stanford as […]

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Fewer PhDs Can Benefit Business

September 16, 2016   

Today, many graduate schools are watching something unfold that they have not seen in decades: declining interest in graduate programs. The latest national data, released just last week by the Council of Graduate Schools, indicates that there has been a 4.3 percent decrease in applicants to graduate schools over the past year. But what does […]

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Embracing Reverse Mentorship

September 11, 2016   

Most organizations have some type of mentorship program in place. When older workers with more experience, more wisdom and often a better sense of humor about the ups and downs of business pair up with younger employees, there is a lot to be gained. But what about the reverse? Can young workers mentor their elders […]

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Linking Performance Reviews & Training

September 9, 2016   

In May 2016, Forbes published an article declaring the performance review to be dead or at least no longer particularly useful. As the contributing writer, Liz Ryan, wrote: “I presided over the annual performance-review process for 10,000 employees and I regret it now. Performance reviews are expensive, time-consuming and pointless. They are worse than pointless […]

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College Tuition Tops Faculty Pay

September 3, 2016   

This past week, colleges and universities kicked back into high gear nationwide. Along with all those students heading back to school were thousands of faculty members. While students are often eager to return to campus, for many faculty, returning to work is simply a reminder of their poor working conditions. How bad is it? This week, […]

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Millennial Workers Mostly Disengaged

September 1, 2016   

In what is believed to be the most comprehensive study of millennial workers yet, Gallup researchers have concluded that most Millennials (71%) are either not engaged or disengaged at work. Since they will comprise up to 75% of the workforce by 2025, the finding is a major cause for alarm. The report, How Millennials Want to […]

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Makerspaces: New Way to Recruit Talent?

August 31, 2016   

If you don’t already know, “makerspaces” are one of the newest things in education. Taking a page from punk’s DIY (do-it-yourself) handbook, makerspaces have recently popped up in libraries, schools and community centers across the nation. While they are sometimes back-to-basics workshops complete with metal works and woodshops, most are equipped with 3-D printers, computers […]

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Talent and the Liberal Arts

July 31, 2016   

As the summer winds down and the school year looms, it is not just employers but also parents and college-age students who are thinking about the relationship between education and job training. While liberal arts degrees have long existed and at times been considered the best start for people working across sectors, harsh economic times, […]

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