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Small Business Talent Management Mistake #4: Overlooking TM Tools

August 29, 2016   

Whether it’s because of perceived budgetary constraints or misguided notions related to internal capacity and expertise, far too many small businesses make the mistake of overlooking the talent management tools that could help vault their organization to new levels of success.

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Exploring Some of Today’s Best Employee Hiring Software Solutions

April 4, 2016   

As many companies throughout the U.S. say their biggest talent concern is finding and holding onto strong talent, they’re increasingly moving to software and technology in their quest to find not only qualified employees but also the people that are going to stick around.

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Software to Excite Millennials At Your Next Meeting or Corporate Event

March 12, 2016   

The Millennial View of Meetings Millennials don’t inherently hate meetings. In fact, quite the opposite might be true. We’re trained to believe Millennials shun anything seen as traditional in the workplace, but that’s not the reality. Millennials may embrace the idea of meetings more than older generations, particularly when they provide opportunities for human, face-to-face […]

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What All Businesses Can Learn From The HubSpot Culture Code

February 14, 2016   

An Overview of HubSpot Hubspot, based in Cambridge, MA., is a company that delivers and sells inbound marketing software. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, the company earned $100 million in funding at its launch from companies like Scale Venture Partners, Salesforce, and Fidelity. The company […]

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Integrated Talent Management Basics

March 27, 2015   

In today’s rapid-paced business environment, it’s all too easy to forget one of the most important themes to emerge in the HR function of the last couple decades – integrated talent management. It’s the Holy Grail of what talent management departments and personnel should be about. Making it happen is no easy task, however, which […]

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Talent Management Software Spotlight: UltiPro

January 17, 2015   

Scott Scherr is the founder and current CEO/president of Ultimate Software, which he started back in 1990. The company went public in 1998 and today boasts more than 2,700 customers and 2,200 employees in 150 countries. Headquartered in Weston, Florida, the singular mission of Ultimate Software is “…to deliver unified, end-to-end HCM cloud solutions…to improve […]

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Talent Management Software Spotlight: Workday

January 14, 2015   

When Oracle orchestrated a hostile takeover of PeopleSoft in 2005, founding CEO David Duffield and chief strategist Aneel Bhusri took their revenge by starting Workday as a direct competitor, and offerings its services at a fraction of the rate of the bigger players. Just 7 years later when the company went public in 2012, it […]

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Talent Management Software Spotlight: Kenexa (IBM Smarter Workforce)

January 14, 2015   

Kenexa got its start in 1987 by providing recruitment solutions to a wide range of industries. In its first decade it established its first automated recruiting management system, employee research functions, and integrated performance management, all through on-demand software. Around the turn of the millennium, Kenexa got out of the brick-and-mortar world of staffing and […]

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SumTotal Offers Talent Management Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

December 23, 2014   

When you hear the phrase “talent management” or “talent management software,” small businesses might not be the first thing that comes to mind, yet these are elements that can be essential to growth and success of businesses of all scopes. While many talent management software solutions aren’t geared towards the unique needs of small businesses, […]

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Talent Management Software Spotlight: Saba Software

December 18, 2014   

With 2,200 customers and 31 million users spanning 195 countries and 37 languages, Saba Software’s cloud-based talent management SaaS solution is a major player in the field. The word “Saba” means “knowing” in many languages, and the name indicates the company’s first area of focus on learning management systems when it was founded by Bobby […]

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