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How Amazon’s Purchase of Whole Foods Will Impact Retail

June 23, 2017   

For several years, Amazon has been attempting to get into the food business but with little success. More recently, they have also been exploring storefront retail outlets but with more success (e.g., Amazon Go stores are not ubiquitous, but they have been proven viable for the company). With Amazon’s purchase of Whole Food, however, it now […]

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How H-1B Visas Support the U.S. Talent Pool

June 10, 2017   

With millions of highly educated Americans already looking for jobs or new jobs, why look abroad? This is the question that Mr. Trump continues to ask and so do many Americans. On this basis, H-1B visas, which are commonly used to give foreign workers the right to live and work in the United States, are […]

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Big Business Responds to Climate Change

June 3, 2017   

Earlier this week, Mr. Trump did what seemed inevitable. He pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. He claimed that he was more concerned with people in Pittsburgh than Paris and was doing this to support U.S. businesses, especially small businesses. Within a day, however, big business leaders across the country–led by millionaire and former […]

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How the Sharing Economy Manages Talent

May 26, 2017   

As the sharing economy continues to grow, the need to address the sharing economy’s unique talent management concerns is also growing. To be clear, most sharing economy companies, such as Airbnb, Uber, Lyft and Task Rabbit, have their own traditional employees. These are the people who work onsite at their headquarters as engineers, communications experts, […]

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Why Amazon is Opening Brick and Mortar Stores

May 20, 2017   

When Amazon first appeared in the mid 1990s, it was in the book business, and most people who truly cared about books and independent book stores was an anti-Amazon activist. Twenty years later, a lot has changed. Amazon did force many small book retailers to close. Amazon went from selling books to just about everything […]

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Optimism is High Among Workers: Leverage It!

May 6, 2017   

By now, anyone working in the talent management sector has encountered more than their share of depressing headlines about workplace engagement. Yes, we know…it’s at an all time low. What many people don’t realize is that workplace engagement has been sluggish for nearly two decades across sectors. Low levels of workplace engagement among Millennial workers […]

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Why Fox News Waited too Long to Axe O’Reilly

April 30, 2017   

In the early 1970s, women started to call for the implementation of guidelines to address sexual harassment in the workplace. Nearly 50 years later, it appears as it there is still a lot of work to be done to counter sexual harassment in the workplace and well beyond. First, during the 2016 U.S. election, the […]

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United Airline’s Public Relations Disaster

April 15, 2017   

Last week, United Airline found itself making news for all the wrong reasons when it dragged an elderly doctor off an overbooked flight. The company is now paying the price. In the airline industry, there are two ways to ensure that flights leave the airport with the maximum number of passengers on board. Some airlines, […]

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Sorry, No Phones: Banning Phones in Meetings

April 8, 2017   

A few months ago, an acquaintance, who also happens to be the vice president of corporate communications at one of the nation’s largest technology companies, revealed something shocking: When she has a meeting, she makes her board members and even her CEO leave their phones in a basket at the door. While banning phones in […]

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Uber’s Diversity Report Confirms Organization’s Problems

March 30, 2017   

Earlier this week, the ride-sharing company Uber released its anticipated diversity report. The report was commissioned in February after a blog post by a former Uber engineer revealed widespread discrimination and sexual harassment problems at Uber’s headquarters in California. The report, while a first step, simply confirms what already appeared to be the case: Uber’s […]

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