Perk Up Your Workforce with Creative Office Design

Your employees look like zombies caged in by monochromatic cubicles.

Sound familiar?


If you’re continuously searching for inventive ways to revive and reengage your employees you may need to only look at something as simple as the design of your workplace itself.

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Think about these companies:

  • Epic, a company based in Verona, Wisconsin, has taken the creative office to a whole new level. This company, which creates Electronic Health Record software for mid-sized and large health organizations including medical groups and hospitals, has not only made a name for itself in terms of its products, but also its office. The office has been designed to replicate a subway in the hallway, among other unique features.
  • Google has long been thought of as the ultimate in creating a “cool” workspace environment and they have just about everything you can think of from an open office space to an actual playground-style slide where employees can move from one floor of the building to the next.
  • For its offices in Dublin and Ireland Facebook enlisted the help of Frank Gehry in the design process, who was the mastermind behind their Silicon Valley office as well. Gehry is a renowned designer who worked on everything from the Guggenheim to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

So what does this mean for businesses who may not have the resources and budgets of Google or Facebook?

You can still create an inspiring workspace even without a massive budget. The benefits of focusing on your office design are immense. You can attract top new talent during the recruitment process with a good design and you can also keep your current employees feeling inspired, creative and just happier.

Regardless of your budget, here are some workspace design tips to consider:

  • Learn a bit about color psychology. The colors you use in the design of an office can have a big impact on how people feel. A change as simple as painting an office wall can alter your employees’ emotions and actions. For example, blue tends to promote a sense of clarity and clam while orange is a color that is energetic and vibrant which can help creative and brainstorming processes.
  • Focus on natural light. There’s nothing more stifling than a work environment with fluorescent overhead lighting everywhere. Try to introduce as much natural light as you can into your office.
  • De-cluttering an office space can also help de-clutter the thoughts and feelings of your employees. Focus on creating a design that’s streamlined, modern and clean and your employees are likely to be more productive and more organized.
  • Did you know that even the scents in your office can impact the quality of work your employees are able to achieve? There are certain scents including citrus, rosemary and cinnamon that have been proven to improve productivity.
  • Try to create multiple workspace styles that speak to your employees and their individual needs. Some employees may prefer the quiet and solitude of a cubicle-type space but you can also combine this with an open area with large tables and a shared environment which will promote a sense of openness and collaboration.
  • Add art. Art impacts our emotions so choose art that’s lively and portrays some sense of energy if this is how you want your employees to feel. If you don’t have the budget to invest in very expensive pieces of original art, consider placing rotating exhibits from local emerging artists in your office. It’s inspiring and you can easily change it out to keep your employees more engaged in the workspace.

What are your tips for designing a workspace that promotes productivity and a sense of employee happiness?

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