Fit versus Diversity in Hiring

June 25, 2016   

An increasing number of companies are running into a distressing conundrum that pits the need for hiring people who are a good “fit” for an organization against more recent notions that make a strong case for diversity as a hiring goal. Are these two common hiring goals mutually exclusive? If not, what is the way […]

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Exploring Some of Today’s Best Employee Hiring Software Solutions

April 4, 2016   

As many companies throughout the U.S. say their biggest talent concern is finding and holding onto strong talent, they’re increasingly moving to software and technology in their quest to find not only qualified employees but also the people that are going to stick around.

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How Companies Are Hiring Without Resumes (Yes, Really)

January 11, 2016   

Is anyone that fond of the traditional resume? Would-be employees feel like they’re being judged on a snippet of their job experience or life, and they often cite the fact that it doesn’t adequately represent who they are as a person or an employee. Employers find resumes provide very little information about the important things, […]

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Could You Fire a Family Member? Family Business Challenges.

March 25, 2015   

Could You Fire a Family Member? How to Handle Difficult Talent Management Challenges in Today’s Family Business Family business in America can’t be underestimated—these enterprises account for 50 percent of America’s GDP, 60 percent of employment in the U.S. and 78 percent of all new job creation. (Clark, 2014). It’s not just the U.S. where […]

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Are You Ready for Generation Z?

January 17, 2015   

If you’re like many organizations, you may still be trying to figure out the Gen Y millennials and how to manage them, a topic that has been written about frequently on this site. Now to make things really complicated, the savviest companies are already courting Gen Z. Gen Z includes people born from 1994 to […]

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5 Talent Acquisition Ideas – Talent Acquisition Ideas For 2015

December 31, 2014   

The trees have been taken down, the presents unwrapped and now it’s that time when most of us start making those New Year’s resolutions. As the New Year begins, professionals and corporate leaders may be thinking about how they can acquire the best possible talent, strengthen their workforce, eliminate skills gaps and become more competitive. […]

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Think Big When It Comes to Recruiting, Even on a Small Business Budget

December 4, 2014   

When it comes to the recruiting and talent acquisition tactics of large, well-known and global corporations you may think the tools for success can only come from a massive budget and nearly endless resources, but that’s doesn’t have to be the reality. If you’re a small business but you want to acquire talent like a […]

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Taking a Creative Approach to Closing the Skills Gap

October 23, 2014   

The skills gap. One of the most pervasive problems companies report facing right now, which is quite a paradox, considering the unemployment situation. Let’s take a look at the numbers, as noted in a report from Career Builder entitled “The Shocking Truth About the Skills Gap:” Over ½ of the businesses that responded to the […]

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Going Mobile with Recruitment

October 15, 2014   

As of May of this year, worldwide mobile phone subscriptions were near 7 billion or about 95.5% of global population. In the US, mobile subscriptions have topped 345.2 million with an overall population of 313.9 million, or a saturation rate of 110% (source). Smartphones now account for 65.2% of all mobile subscriptions in the US […]

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The How To’s of Hiring and Managing Interns

October 15, 2014   

Maybe you’ve been convinced of the value of hiring interns. Perhaps it was because of our previous post, or maybe it was something you already realized. The question then becomes, how do you hire and manage interns in a way that’s going to benefit everyone? Hiring and managing interns is a unique proposition, and it’s […]

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