Exploring Some of Today’s Best Employee Hiring Software Solutions

As many companies throughout the U.S. say their biggest talent concern is finding and holding onto strong talent, they’re increasingly moving to software and technology in their quest to find not only qualified employees but also the people that are going to stick around.

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Software options for recruiting and hiring have grown by leaps and bounds over recent years, and turning to technology to tackle hiring is helping companies save time, money and make better decisions. These software platforms can tailor and streamline hiring in a way traditional methods couldn’t, it makes hiring more organized, and it can even help hire employees from around the globe, without having to fly them to your office for the interview process.

We put together a list of some interesting software options related to recruiting and hiring.

Workable: Workable is an inexpensive, intuitive recruiting software solution that lets users post to more than 15 job boards, both free and premium, simply by making one click. You can create a branded, hosted and completely customized career page, and using the Workable online database, you can track and manage all of your candidates in one place. You can easily move between using Workable on your desktop and your smartphone as well. The Workable applicant tracking system gives you what you need to view rich candidate profiles, including social data, and you don’t have to enter data anymore thanks to the convenient parser. Workable has team tools and templates so you can have multiple people review everything about a candidate from their profile to their feedback and notes. Workable integrates with Outlook, Gmail or any email account you choose.

Encore: While Workable is a great recruiting and hiring software option for small business, Cluen’s Encore platform has more advanced features that might prove beneficial for executive recruiting. Encore is a seventh-generation recruiting software backed by more than 26 years of research and development. Encore is designed primarily for use by retained executive search firms, boutiques with one office or remote sites, corporate executive recruiting and sourcing teams, organizations that have worldwide user sites and also for use by independent recruiters. You can scale Encore to your needs thanks to per user/per month cloud pricing structure, but you can also opt for in-house licensing structures. Features of Encore include a dashboard and the Contact Lens, which shows you basic information without even having to click. Encore features intelligent tools to bring data in without duplication, and you can track relationships between people and companies. Social media features of Encore include the ability to search platforms for people in your database and save bookmarks.

JobDiva: JobDiva’s primary goal is to be as user-friendly as is possible while empowering recruiters. Features of JobDiva include the option to search by years of experience, so you’re narrowing down applicants to only those people most qualified, as well as resume aggregation so you can access the largest pool of candidates possible. Use the JobDiva mobile app to access information anywhere, and take advantage of automatic syncing with VMS. Sync JobDiva with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail and any other email system, while visualizing your data in intuitive charts.

LinkedIn Talent: Using LinkedIn Talent connects you with one of the biggest talent pools in the world. Some of the recruiting and hiring solutions offered by LinkedIn include recruiting, job slots where the right job is automatically recommended through LinkedIn email and the LinkedIn Job Search app, and career pages so you can create and develop your employer brand to attract talent. You can also use LinkedIn talent to create personalized recruiting ads with high click-through rates, and referral options allow users to build on the strength of their employee networks. If you’re only hiring for one position, rather than creating a growth-driven talent strategy, LinkedIn has options for you too including Recruiter Lite, which is a streamlined version of Recruiter. You can also post jobs, and they’ll be delivered to potential applicants right in their inboxes.

SparkHire: SparkHire is a simplified way to conduct video interviews, no matter the size of your company. With one-way video interviews, you can have candidates answer questions on their own time, which can prove convenient for employers. This is also a good way to gain a unique perspective and insight on candidates, and according to SparkHire, this is often a feature used to replace the initial phone screenings many companies do. SpartkHire includes capabilities to conduct live video interviews as well. These are cloud-based interviews that don’t just connect you with employees but are also automatically recorded so you can go back to them on-demand. With SparkHIre’s interview collaboration tools you can include team members in the conversation as decisions are made as to which candidates will progress to the next level. Team members and clients can leave feedback on recorded interviews, and these inclusive features eliminate administrative work.

Sonru: Sonru promises to deliver clients the ability to replace first-round interviews, lower first-round screening time by up to 80% and reduce overall recruiting time by as much as half. Using Sonru provides you with the tools you need to simplify video interviews. You can enter interview questions and a deadline, then invite candidates by message. Once they’re done recording you can view their responses. You don’t have to worry about scheduling interviews, so it works for everyone. Sonru also features the ability for candidates to log-in and read and record answers without needing to be online at the same time as the interviewer, but they respond to questions one at a time so they can’t contemplate them ahead of time. You can then decide when to review responses, and they can be viewed as often as needed. Invite coworkers and other stakeholders to get involved and give their feedback, regardless of your schedules. Sonru is also available in a range of languages, including French, Spanish, German and both simplified and traditional Chinese. Sonru always adds new language options as they are in demand by clients. Finally, there are mobile-friendly options available with Sonru so you can view and comment on interviews and candidate responses on the go.

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