Talent Management Software Spotlight: Halogen TalentSpace

Canadian company Halogen Software got its start in 2001, and quickly rose through the ranks of talent management software providers, winning accolades and rewards along the way. So what is it that people like about Halogen TalentSpace, and perhaps more importantly, what do people not like about it?


One advantage that many highlight is the fact that the TalentSpace suite was built from the ground up on its own, not as an afterthought to some larger human capital management system. It was created specifically for managing talent to drive performance.

TalentSpace is a cloud-based SaaS suite that can include the following 9 modules: Performance (both management and appraisals), 360 Multirater (for feedback related to performance appraisal, project evaluation and succession planning), Job Description Builder (providing integration with other talent management processes), Compensation (providing linkages to performance), Succession (to ensure a good pool of employees ready to step into new roles), Talent Acquisition (for all aspects of recruiting and hiring), Learning (for managing training and development learning activities), 1:1 Exchange (for enhancing one-on-one meetings between managers and employees), and Myers-Briggs (to integrate MBTI information on employees into various talent management processes).

By all accounts, the TalentSpace solutions are robust and provide top-notch functionality. Sun-Rype Products, a Canadian juice and fruit snack company based in Kelowna, saw its turnover among nearly 400 employees decrease from 20% to just 4% after implementing TalentSpace, which results in significant cost savings in recruiting and hiring. In addition, 64% of all leadership positions are now filled from within, which you know is important if you’ve read my previous article, Retention Secret #9: Promoting from Within.

Carhartt, a leading workforce clothing supplier, achieved a 120% return on investment (ROI) with TalentSpace solutions, mostly from streamlining the annual performance review process in a way that motivated its 4,500 employees to participate and put HR back in the driver’s seat, to rein in a process that had spun largely out of control and wasn’t adding value.

WHPacific, a 700-employee architectural and engineering firm, used TalentSpace solutions to improve the depth and quality of feedback in its performance management system, allowing it to save upwards of $100,000 worth of productive time each year.

Those are powerful testaments to the functionality and value that TalentSpace solutions can provide. There’s more to evaluating a talent management software offering than a few positive case studies. Diving deeper into customer reviews on third-party sites is an eye-opening experience. G2 Crowd is one such site that presents unfiltered reviews of software solutions. In its HR section, Halogen TalentSpace has received 40 reviews. Of those, 20 are at the 5-star level, 16 are at the 4-star level, and only 4 are at the 3-star level. The software has not received any reviews lower than that.

It’s interesting to note at the outset that nearly every single review, whether good or not-so-good, highlights Halogen’s excellent customer service and technical support. Nearly everyone reports that problems encountered are dealt with quickly and in a very friendly manner. Many customers also report that Halogen is constantly improving its suite with updates based on customer feedback. They also note that the user-friendly interface is easy for both users and administrators, and also continues to be improved over time. There’s also a level of control around customizing various features that sets it apart from many other solutions.

By far the most common complaint was wishing that Halogen offered a full-blown human resource information system (HRIS) or human resource management system (HRMS). People like TalentSpace so much that they wish they didn’t have to rely on a different company for a larger HR system. The only other recurring complaint is that when it comes to downloading reports and graphs, there aren’t as many format options as some customers would like to see.

Customers considering a talent management software solution can try Halogen TalentSpace with a free trial to see how it works. There is also the option to begin with just one module that addresses your most pressing HR need and then may add more modules over time as desired.

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