Strengthen Your Talent Management with These Inventive Apps

Mobile apps are an amazing tool for both large and small business owners and leaders. A great app can help you manage your employees, ensure productivity is on point, and assist in managing the day-to-day tasks pivotal to running an enterprise. Don’s get left behind with technology and learn more. 


Here are a list of some of the most innovative and useful apps with a myriad of capabilities you can take advantage of right now:


Hours is a new way to do time-tracking operations. This is an app that provides users with a visual timeline of what’s happening and how their time is being spent. It also offers detailed reporting options, reminders and a great interface.

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It’s a good way to have a visual representation of your day so you can not only see where you were able to perform efficiently, but also where you may have issues that need to be addressed.


Quip is an app designed with productivity in mind, as well as collaboration. It combines a myriad of actions including chat, documents, checklists, and spreadsheets in one simple, user-friendly interface.

Quip was created by two former Google employees and it’s ideal for business owners who want to collaborate with their employees and clients in real-time.

It also reduces the amount of email you receive and have to sift through, since you’re always immediately notified via the app when something is changed or updated.


PeopleFluent is designed to be an extension of a comprehensive talent management solution. Through this app it’s possible for business owners to have access to talent management data and information no matter where they go.

Some of the features include the provision of detailed information about employees and contract employees that managers can utilize on a daily basis, powerful filters, and a simplified way to analyze employee data so managers and business owners are better equipped to make fast yet fact-based decisions.

Ultimately the goal of using PeopleFluent is that leaders and managers will be able to make the best possible talent decisions, creating stronger relationships.


This is a great app for managing work and productivity and essentially everything you or your employees could need is there.

Features include project and portfolio management, resource management, capacity planning, workflow automation, team collaboration, and even social recognition. With the social recognition feature employers can recognize the good work and contributions of employees and even provide real-time feedback.

AtTask is also valuable because it lets you streamline your workplace communication by having it all in one place where it can easily be accessed, as opposed to having it scattered throughout a variety of mediums including the phone, email, etc.

Kenexa 2x BrassRing

This app is a dream for the recruitment process. It includes a number of features allowing for social, mobile and on-demand video interview, text messaging and candidate relationships management tools.

One of the most interesting features of Kenexa’s offering is the ability to utilize enhanced social media reporting to let you know which of your social recruiting sources are the most effective. You can also streamline the process of posting job ads and updating them.

Kenexa’s app makes it easy for candidates to share jobs on a viral-basis when they find something they feel a friend may be interested in.

Finally, Kenexa’s recruiting app also has a social employee referral feature built-in so recruiters can share information with employees they want to help in the recruiting process. You can also automatically keep track of who’s doing the referral so they can be appropriately compensated for their efforts.

Do you have any favorite apps that are ideal for small businesses as we head into 2015?

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