The Most Influential Career Websites You Should Know About

It’s not just important for job seekers to stay on top of trends in career websites—it’s important for employers to have an understanding of the most influential and attractive sites so they can know where to go to source talent or at least where to focus some of their attention in their overall recruitment strategy. Even if your company doesn’t post jobs on career sites, you can still access a larger talent pool and get your ear to the ground in terms of conversations that are being had amongst the workforce.


By taking advantage of some of these resources along with just posting a traditional job ad you can really get a pulse of your specific industry as it’s seen from the job seekers perspective, learn how candidates are viewing the process and get more of an insider view that can help you develop and hone your recruiting strategy. You can also look at how your competitors are recruiting.

There used to be only a few options when it came to career sites, but now the options and the offerings available from each of these sites are robust.

If you’re looking for a way to find new, emerging talent or even to fill an internship position, may be a great resource to check out. It’s a really good way to fill a specific niche, since as the name implies—it is targeted specifically to job seekers who are either nearing graduation or who have just graduated.

The site isn’t exclusively marketed to four-year degree holders—it’s for grads of technical and community college programs, as well as for graduate students.

The site is a big draw for students because of its targeted nature, and also the robust number of jobs posted daily, the extensive email marketing the site does and the career-related resources found on the site that extend beyond just job postings. is a site for job seekers that’s quite a bit larger in scope than what you’re going to find with, but for employers that can be beneficial because you’re going to be able to tap into a pool of potential talent that numbers in the tens of millions.

Beyond offers several different routes recruiters and companies can utilize to connect with candidates in a streamlined and efficient way including not just the typical job postings, but also a highly specific candidate search tool and in-depth email marketing done by the website.

Dice is all about new and emerging technology, which is fitting because it’s a site for job seekers specifically in the technology and engineering professionals.

It’s a great resource to tap into talent that fits into a specific set of criteria and technology and engineering job seekers love this company because it really speaks to what they do and what they’re interested in through the integration of social elements, “social chatter” that lets employees and employers know what’s happening in the industry and who’s looking for what, and also lots of resources covering everything from what’s new and fresh in the industry to the hiring forecast.—Formerly Called Fins is a company that’s part of the Dice empire, but instead of being a resource for job seekers in tech and engineering, it’s based on the financial industry. The site started as part of the Wall Street Journal until Dice purchased it and it provides financial professionals with some of the top job listings available, but along with that there’s editorial content, career advice and other resources specifically geared toward the finance industry.

The site has about 1,000 live job listings in the U.S. at any given time, and about 8,000 global finance positions listed.

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