Spotlight On: Calibra’s 360 Degree Feedback

With so many talent and performance management programs and service providers available, it’s difficult to sift through and determine who or what is going to most effectively meet the needs of your organization and propel you forward.


One option that’s worth spotlighting is 360 Degree Feedback from Calibra.

About Calibra

Calibra offers a variety of services to businesses in the areas of executive coaching, talent management, management consulting, leadership development and of course 360 degree feedback.

The tools and methods utilized by Calibra provide business leaders with an array of data including information about skills, behaviors and development, how employees perceive the organization and its corporate culture, what skills leaders need in order to communicate, coach, manage and lead, and also the systems that will allow these organizations to successfully implement a variety of processes related to succession and talent management.

Calibra’s services are designed with one overarching goal in mind—to build better workplaces and improve work lives.

They deploy a number of customizable, flexible and scalable solutions to meet this goal.

The Individual Approach

Calibra’s 360 Degree Feedback service is about the individual employee.

The company says the following about this offering:

“When we learn how others see us, we gain an extraordinary opportunity to build solid relationships with the people we depend on to succeed.  And, let’s face it, with strong relationships, leaders excel, employees flourish, and organizations soar to their highest potential. 360 Degree Feedback provides that opportunity by revealing leaders’ strengths and identifying areas for improvement.”

360 Degree Feedback can be tailored to the needs of any organization, large or small and it’s guided by a dual scale which means clients receive not just data, but results that are wholly actionable.

Dual Scale Gap Identification

In order to develop or implement any talent management strategy, it’s first necessary to understand where gaps exist.

That’s the goal of the Dual Scale process utilized by Calibra. Ultimately, this process has the ability to not only provide feedback as it pertains to current behaviors, but also where improvements or changes are needed.

There’s a differential highlighted between the current rating and the needed rating, which clearly lays out where changes are needed to meet objectives.

With this type of in-depth aggregate data collecting, the goal is to help organizations coach, mentor and train employees on a specific level, but with overall business strategies in mind.

Coaching and Development

After necessary data is collected, Calibra delivers coaching and development as part of the 360 Degree Feedback process. Individuals are directly coached, but services can also include coaching to staff members to further support the development process.

More specifically, the options of coaching and development services are broad and include: one-on-one feedback and coaching, group feedback and coaching, and train-the-coach workshops.

With all of the benefits of this service in mind, the company does point out there are instances where 360 Degree Feedback may not be the appropriate option for a business. For example, if an organization has just undergone a major shift or change, or all of the leaders haven’t put their full support behind the process, this type of robust data collection, feedback and coaching may not be appropriate.

Additionally, Calibra points out that this type of data collection isn’t for performance appraisal purposes—it’s designed to be strictly a development-centric tool. In fact, Calibra recommends the results of the data collection only be given to the recipient. While there are advantages to managers receiving results, it can often be overshadowed by the potential problems such as employees who are afraid of completing the process required by 360 Degree Feedback and comments that aren’t as constructive as they would be otherwise.

If you’ve ever used Calibra’s 360 Degree Feedback or any other similar service, let us know how it helped (or didn’t help) your organization.

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