Marketing to Millennials: Tips for Effectively Recruiting Through Social Media

The influx of Millennials into the workforce is changing the way companies do business in every way, and that includes their recruiting methods.

Social media offers extensive opportunities for attracting and recruiting the best talent, and it can be one of the top tools companies can use to remain competitive in terms of their talent management strategy, particularly when working to pull in the very best Millennial candidates, as well as talent of every generation.

How to effectively recruit through social mediaNot only is social media pervasive in our culture today, but it’s also an economical and efficient way to recruit the top talent, when used in the right way.

Unfortunately, some organizations are unsure or unwilling when it comes to using social media as a way to recruit their new employees.

The following are 4 valuable steps to take to develop a winning recruitment strategy focusing on the inexpensive and accessible tools available through social media platforms.

1. Create a Strong Presence and Online Identity

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The companies that are best utilizing social media to attract talent are those companies that got a head start. That doesn’t mean it’s too late for you to start—it simply means that posting job openings alone is not going to be the key to finding the best talent.

Instead, before posting a single job opening, begin cultivating a strong online and social media presence, and let your social media accounts reflect your organization and what you stand for.

By creating a strong, developed presence, you’re going to let potential employees have the full picture of your company, which will help you attract the best talent that’s also likely to become a long-term, valuable part of your organization.

When you can convey your corporate culture clearly and honestly through your social media, and you can show potential employees why they would love to work for you, it’s going to be a huge draw for top talent. Here’s another article on successfully managing millennials.

2. Know Who You’re Targeting

The type of talent you’re targeting is going to have an impact on the social media channels you use.

If you’re targeting older, more experienced workers, they may not be as comfortable with sites like Pinterest or Instagram, and instead may be most readily accessible on more established and “traditional” social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

On the other hand, if you want to uncover fresh, new talent, particularly in the Millennial age group, you can be more flexible with the platforms you utilize in your recruiting.

3. Encourage Current Employees to Participate

For companies that have built up a social media and online presence, it can always be a good idea to get your current employees involved in the talent identification and recruitment process.

You can encourage your employees to be involved in your company’s social media efforts, and to share job openings or utilize virtual word-of-mouth opportunities to let people know what positions are available.

4. Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

When you’re using social media as a talent recruitment and management strategy, it’s important to understand it’s all about the quality of the connections you’re able to build. You’re really using it as a way to find the best-of-the-best, so put in place a social media recruitment strategy that doesn’t only or primarily focus on building a large network, but instead is about building a quality network.

Similarly, when you’re exploring the virtual world for potential recruits, take the time to feel out their presence on social media sites. Do they seem like they’re genuinely engaged in the industry, and working to make true and meaningful connections, or are they just aimlessly surfing social media sites hoping to find any kind of job?

What do you think—does your company use social media as a recruiting tool? If so, do you find that’s effective for that purpose?

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