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The Gray Gender Gap

October 8, 2016   

On the surface gender differences in marital status may appear to be disconnected to talent management issues. In fact, they are far more entwined than one might expect. A recently released federal study reveals that across age groups, older men are far more likely to be married than older women. As reported in the New […]

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Why Organizations Get Stuck

August 21, 2016   

Over the past two years, the United States has been plagued with high-profile police shootings, primarily of young Black men. Of course, these incidents are not new or unique. Police units across the United States have been struggling with racism for years. The question is simple: Why can’t they change? That’s precisely the question Barbara […]

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When Progressive Policies Backfire

August 10, 2016   

It’s a common practice in higher education to give new parents “clock relief.” The practice, which started about 30 years ago, is designed to help new parents manage the tenure process. Typically, professors are hired—most are in the early to mid 30s by the time they start their first job—and they have 7 years to […]

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Corporate LGBT Solidarity on the Rise

June 25, 2016   

Every year since 2002, the Human Rights Campaign had released their Corporate Equality Index (CEI). When the CEI started, LGBT people in the United States had no federal laws protecting them—they were not even entitled to the most basic of rights: federal protection against hate crimes. 14 years later a lot has changed. Gains on […]

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Fit versus Diversity in Hiring

June 25, 2016   

An increasing number of companies are running into a distressing conundrum that pits the need for hiring people who are a good “fit” for an organization against more recent notions that make a strong case for diversity as a hiring goal. Are these two common hiring goals mutually exclusive? If not, what is the way […]

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Businesses Standing with Orlando

June 20, 2016   

After last week’s tragic massacre in Orlando, businesses around the world launched campaigns to express their support for the victims and for the broader LGBT community. Delta Airlines, for example, paid for advertisements in high-profile locations in major cities across the United States. The advertisements feature a ribbon that combines the American and Pride flags. […]

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Cross Cultural Time at Work

June 11, 2016   

There is possibly nothing more generative than a cross-cultural team, but cross-cultural teams also come with challenges and at times, misunderstandings. Among the challenges posed by cross cultural teams are members’ very different feelings about deadlines. Stereotypes not withstanding, some cultures are more punctual than other cultures, and in the workplace this can and does […]

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Facebook’s Troubles Just Got Bigger

May 18, 2016   

You’ve already heard the news–Facebook is on the hot seat for admitting that its trending news is not simply a reflection of an algorithm but also subject to tampering by its human newsroom editors. Worse yet, the allegations suggest that Facebook’s human newsroom editors have been intentionally suppressing right-wing news stories about Paul Rand, Donald […]

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Can Board Diversity Change an Organization?

May 17, 2016   

As diversity questions continue to dominate the high-tech sector, Twitter has appointed a new board member to help change its profile. On Monday, Debra Lee, chairman and chief executive of BET Networks, announced that she was joining the board. The 61 year old is a well-known African American media business figure who has overseen the […]

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Project Include Fights Discrimination with Data

May 5, 2016   

Over the past twenty-four months, the Silicon Valley has been coming face-to-face with its diversity problem and so far, the news has mostly been bad. First, there were reports of the staggeringly low number of visible minority workers and women employed at Google, Apple and other major technology companies across the nation.  Then, Ellen Pao […]

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