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G. Sherman H. Morrison is a writer and editor based in Keene, New Hampshire. He holds a Master of Science in Management from Antioch University New England where his studies focused on effective leadership and management of any organization’s single most important resource – it’s employees. The talent management and human resources landscape is evolving rapidly in the brave new digital world of the 21st century, and Sherman keeps track of it all for people and companies who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. Sherman writes for a variety of sites, including Talent Management 360, eLeaP (learning and training in the corporate context), and Healevate (alternative health topics) to name a few. When not clacking away on his laptop, Sherman can typically be found performing and directing with a variety of theatre groups in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire.

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Workplace Emotional Traps, Part II: Constraining Roles and Fatal Attractions

August 13, 2015   

In this second of the four-part Workplace Emotional Traps series, I’ll be sharing some thoughts from authors Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster about the roles you play at work, especially the constraining or confining ones you don’t really want, and what to do about relationships with coworkers that start out just fine but seem to […]

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Workplace Emotional Traps, Part I: Reactions and Boundaries

August 13, 2015   

As much as we hate to admit it, if we’re honest with ourselves we can probably all admit there’s at least one person at work that just drives you crazy. There might even be several. Hopefully none of them are your boss or immediate supervisor, but that happens all too often as well. In a […]

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part IV: Camaraderie

July 9, 2015   

The opening article of this four-part series set the stage for what it is that workers need from their employers to feel enthusiastic about their jobs. The second article explored details of equity and fair treatment while the third article drilled down into six aspects of achievement. In this fourth and final installment of the […]

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part III: Achievement

July 8, 2015   

In the previous article in this four-part series about what makes for an enthusiastic workplace, I covered the many different aspects of employee concerns around equity, from basic physiological needs to both economic and psychological needs. In part III, I turn to the concept of achievement and the role it plays in the life of […]

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part II: Equity

July 7, 2015   

“Enlisting the willing cooperation of a workforce in achieving the aims of an enterprise is impossible unless people have a sense of elemental fairness in the way they are treated.” ~ The Enthusiastic Employee, page 11. In this second article of the four-part series on enthusiasm in the workplace, the focus is on the first […]

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