5 Fantastic Engagement Software Solutions for 2016

The Advantages of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is something most, if not all, companies are now striving for. In traditional models of talent management it was enough to have employees who were merely showing up for work and seemingly getting the job done, but now businesses big and small are increasingly seeing this just isn’t enough. To maximize competitiveness, productivity and revenue, it’s crucial to have employees who aren’t just occupying a desk but are instead truly engaged.


Consider these facts:

  • According to Bloomberg BNA, $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover.
  • The industries with the most disengaged employees are hospitality, government and light manufacturing.
  • Edelman reports almost 50% of organizations fail to measure employees’ engagement with the customer of the brand.
  • Only 32% of U.S. workers were engaged with their employees in 2015 according to Gallup.
  • Turnover and employee engagement are two of the top three challenges faced by HR, according to SHRM.

To combat this pervasive problem, companies are looking to software solutions. Many of today’s employee engagement software options have robust functionality and integrate various features and tools into one single product. They’re also highly scalable since most are SaaS and cloud-based, so even small businesses can take advantage of these products which once seemed reserved only for large enterprises.

Some of the elements looked at, measured and analyzed by talent management and particularly engagement-centric software include employee progress, rewards, and feedback.

Using engagement software can lead to more effective and efficient training programs that deliver what employees really need, a better level of organization, data-driven decision making, increases in productivity levels and a reduction in turnover. Also with employee engagement software, employers may see improved collaboration and relationships among employees, as well as a stronger company culture.

Below are 5 excellent engagement solutions, each with their own set of features that make them a standout for your talent management strategy in 2016:

Culture Amp

Culture Amp delivers people analytics including surveys and insights for engaged employees, and it’s used by companies including Squarespace and Airbnb. With Culture Amp users can create and run fully customizable and comprehensive surveys related to not just engagement but also onboarding, exiting and more. The feedback data is linked through the use of the software, providing you with employee predictions, including who may be most likely to make an exit.

The available survey options fall into a broad range of categories. Culture surveys look at engagement, identity, growth and sustainability while lifecycle surveys show what’s on employees’ minds as they transition through the various levels and milestones of their careers. Performance surveys show feedback at the manager, team and individual levels, and pulse surveys track trends between major surveys.


Teamphoria provides the means to build, measure and grow a strong company culture, with engagement tools that pave the way to boost team energy, while ultimately increasing revenue.

Teamphoria lets users take a multi-faceted approach to engagement, measuring not just individuals, but also teams and the entire organization. It also features robust recognition tools. You can send and receive recognitions through the software, with options including peer-to-peer, manager-to-employee, and employee-to-leadership. There are four different award levels, and you can customize awards to reflect your company values. Using Teamphoria also lets you track and identify leaders, and showcase work in real-time.

Features aimed at strengthening culture include surveys so you can gather feedback. Company core values can be added directly to Teamphoria, and they’re always kept front and center for everyone using the software. The software delivers ways to directly link metrics with core values, so you can see at-a-glance, how employees are doing when it comes to maintaining these values.


Officevibe prides itself on being a simple tool to engage employees, requiring only five minutes a month. It’s used by companies including Bose, Disney, and Spotify.

It works by allowing you to measure employee satisfaction in real time using pulse surveys, and you then receive tips to improve your results. Collect feedback through fast and engaging surveys delivered each week, measure satisfaction using simple and actionable reports, and then put in place these tips to improve your work environment.

Along with powerful reports, other features include customizable questions you can ask employees in addition to the available library of questions, frequent feedback opportunities, and a resource library.


WooBoard is a top peer recognition platform used to drive engagement. You can recognize employees with one click while the intuitive design simplifies recognition by making it available in real-time, and shares all acknowledgment publicly. You can integrate WooBoard’s functionalities with social media to expand recognition, and the creative and innovative points systems give you a holistic view of how employees are scoring on engagement.

WooBoard’s goal is to let companies bring their values to life, and to motivate employees to achieve these values in a way that works in a real world setting.

Along with individual recognition, WooBoard has team functionalities as well, so you can set up groups and then recognize them.


TemboStatus is an all-in-one engagement and survey software solution that automates the use of employee feedback and transforms it into actionable lists. Features include action plans, and outliers report that shows you the top three positive insights uncovered from within your data and the three demographics that represent the most dissatisfaction as compared to company norms. All of the surveys are scientifically validated, and Pulse Surveys drill down to the primary elements of engagement.

The engagement dashboard provides a real-time look at what’s happening among employees, and the reporting is instant, easy to understand and can be socialized.

TemboStatus is mobile friendly so you can engage employees from anywhere, and on any device with responsive designs that work for both Android and iOS.

These are just a few of the many engagement software options making an impact right now, and providing attainable solutions for businesses of any size who want to boost their employees level of satisfaction and overall happiness. They’re also great for defining and creating a strong company culture that can transform your competitive advantage and talent management strategy.

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