mentor programs

Best and Worst Mentoring Practices

December 27, 2014   

In this third and final installment of what can be learned about mentoring programs from Sun Microsystems, it’s time to summarize nearly two decades of the company’s mentoring experience into a handy best-worst practices table. This was created by Katy Dickinson, who headed up Sun’s SEED (Sun Engineering Enrichment & Development) mentoring program for many […]

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Masterful Mentoring at Sun Microsystems

December 23, 2014   

In our series about the Secrets of Retention, article #2 was about mentoring, and we mentioned how Sun Microsystems evaluated 13 years worth of data on its mentoring programs from 1996-2009, concluding that the return on investment (ROI) exceeded 1,000%. Meanwhile, another study of its mentoring programs over a seven-year span found the following more […]

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