Innovation in the Workplace, Part 2: Organizational Culture

January 27, 2016   

In my last article about innovation, I briefly mentioned what people need in order to be more consistently innovative: They need curiosity, the ability and room to ask great questions, space for experimenting (using the scientific method), a safe environment in which to fail, time to reflect and imagine, room for collaborative relationships, and time […]

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Innovation in the Workplace, Part 1: Getting to Know You

December 9, 2015   

There’s an author in Chicago I work with who often says how innovation is much like the weather: It is often talked about but rarely understood. Innovation has too long been thought about as some kind of mysterious process that only highly creative people experience on rare occasions. But what if innovation is like any […]

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What We Can All Learn From Silicon Valley Talent Management

November 26, 2014   

Google, Yahoo, Twitter – just a few of the big names from Silicon Valley that are revolutionizing not only how the world sees technology, but also how  businesses large and small view talent management. So if we’re all to look to Silicon Valley and how they manage their employees and develop and implement talent management […]

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Hack Your Way to HR Effectiveness

November 11, 2014   

The value and utility of a hackathon has been well-documented in the computer industry. They can last a day, several days, a week or even longer. The hackathon is a time for computer programmers to come together and work both intensely and collaboratively on solving some kind of computing challenge. Like a brainstorming session, the […]

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