Retention Secret #8: Participatory Decision-Making

November 18, 2014   

Everyone knows that feeling like you’re a valuable member of team can go a long ways towards engaging and retaining employees. That’s why more and more employers have adopted a teamwork approach to many aspects of work in modern organizations. And yet some organizations eventually kind of give up on the teamwork concept because it […]

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Retention Secret #7: Open Book Management

November 17, 2014   

It was in 1989 in an Inc. magazine article called “The Open-Book Managers” that the phrase open-book management was used for the first time. It was a startling idea back then. In the early 1990s then-president Bill Clinton was presiding over a national labor relations conference at which one of the early advocates of open-book […]

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The How To’s of Hiring and Managing Interns

October 15, 2014   

Maybe you’ve been convinced of the value of hiring interns. Perhaps it was because of our previous post, or maybe it was something you already realized. The question then becomes, how do you hire and manage interns in a way that’s going to benefit everyone? Hiring and managing interns is a unique proposition, and it’s […]

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Retention Secret #2: Mentoring

October 3, 2014   

Research shows that employees, and especially new hires, want a lot of support to be the best that they can be for your company. If that support is not provided, workers are apt to become disengaged, which unfortunately covers 70% of the American workforce (source). One way to counter disengagement and provide employees with the […]

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