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Outrageous Excuses for Not Going to Work

April 2, 2015   

You’ve no doubt heard the classic student excuse for not bringing a completed homework assignment to class – the dog ate it. Kids say the craziest things, right? Well, adults can apparently say some pretty wild things too, especially when coming up with excuses for not showing up to work. I thought it was time […]

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The Personal SWOT Analysis

March 4, 2015   

Many people are familiar with the classic SWOT analysis, the 2×2 matrix with its four elements of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Interestingly enough, know one really knows the origins of this essential tool. Although often credited to Stanford University’s Albert Humphrey who used it back in the 1960s and 1970s, he does not claim […]

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Support Your Middle Managers

February 2, 2015   

Middle management is more often the butt of jokes than any other level within the organizational hierarchy. It’s a hard place to be for many reasons, but one that as many as 10.5 million American workers find themselves in at present. It’s worth remembering, however, that middle management represents a key time in the employee […]

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Wanted: Better Career Support from Higher Education

January 31, 2015   

President Barack Obama is trying to do what he can to make higher education more accessible to more people, from trying to make community college free to anyone who really wants it to coming up with new metrics that will help people choose which institution to attend when the time comes. Of course, it would […]

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Strengthening Relationships in the Workplace with Better Communication

January 30, 2015   

In an age when we’re beginning to finally recognize just how connected everything is in the entire universe, we would do well to remember that this also applies to much smaller groupings of entities, such as employees in the workplace. Everyone can work together much more effectively if you take the time to strengthen relationships […]

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Getting Serious About Succession Planning

January 28, 2015   

I’ve written previous about the importance of succession planning (see Injecting “Success” into Succession Planning). The business case for robust succession planning is clear in terms of employee development, streamlining turnover, and promoting from within. The basic process of succession planning is simple enough – figure out what you need, see what you’ve got, and […]

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Social Media in the Workplace: Moving Beyond Fear

January 28, 2015   

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – social media is not a fad, it is a fact of life. The sooner that businesses and organizations come to grips with that fact, the more they will find ways to leverage social media in favor of organizational success. When it comes to social media […]

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Spotlighting Patagonia’s Employee Activism Program

December 31, 2014   

In our previous post we talked about the rise of employee volunteer and philanthropy programs, happening in large part because of the demands of Millennials. Patagonia is one company paving the way in terms of promoting employee volunteer work and the idea of giving back as part of a talent management strategy. Download the free […]

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Best and Worst Mentoring Practices

December 27, 2014   

In this third and final installment of what can be learned about mentoring programs from Sun Microsystems, it’s time to summarize nearly two decades of the company’s mentoring experience into a handy best-worst practices table. This was created by Katy Dickinson, who headed up Sun’s SEED (Sun Engineering Enrichment & Development) mentoring program for many […]

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Selection and Matching in Mentoring Programs

December 23, 2014   

This article continues an exploration of what can be learned from the Sun Microsystems extensive experience with robust mentoring programs that began with Masterful Mentoring at Sun Microsystems. While that article dealt with some key decisions around mentoring such as formal vs. informal, what metrics will be used to measure progress and success, and the […]

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