Paving the Way for a Talented Future with Talent Mapping

September 22, 2014   

Talent mapping isn’t a new idea—it’s been broadly used overseas, particularly in the UK and Australia, but here in the states it might seem like a novel concept. First Things First…What is Talent Mapping? Talent mapping is essentially a way to strategically focus your recruiting and sourcing of employees. It’s a way to put a […]

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What’s Wrong with Performance Management and Annual Reviews?

September 21, 2014   

Short answer: Plenty! Few things in life produce more moans and groans in the workplace than the mind-numbing, fear-inducing ritual of annual performance reviews. In recent years, there have been calls for companies to free themselves from this burdensome practice. See our video on performance management vs performance appraisal. If you don’t believe that the […]

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Recruiting Trends You Should Know About

September 19, 2014   

If you’re interested in ramping up your recruiting efforts, you may want to take a page out of the book of some of the world’s top corporations, and incorporate one or more of these recruiting trends: Focusing on Your Employer Brand Building up a solid employer brand is quite possibly the biggest trend in recruiting […]

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Tackling the Issue of Managing Millennials

September 18, 2014   

Just the term Millennial is enough to strike if not fear, at least some apprehension in the hearts of employers. The concept of effectively managing Millennials seems to be one that eludes many workplace leaders, and increasingly there are reports that not only are managers having trouble with both attracting and managing Millennials, but that […]

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Be a Leader When You Promote a Work-Life Balance

September 12, 2014   

Orbitz, National Instruments, Scottrade, Yahoo!, Chevron—what do all of these diverse companies have in common? A dedication to fostering a work-life balance for their employees. These are some of the companies recognized by for being in the top 25 corporations in terms of creating a work-life balance. Work-life balance is something we hear a […]

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