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Should You Monitor Your Employees on Social Media? Many Experts Say No

November 25, 2015   

The world of social media has really shifted talent management in so many ways, and just one of the many considerations that come with the prolific use of sites and apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat is whether or not employers can and should monitor their employees’ use of social media. Last fall the […]

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Social Media in the Workplace: Moving Beyond Fear

January 28, 2015   

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – social media is not a fad, it is a fact of life. The sooner that businesses and organizations come to grips with that fact, the more they will find ways to leverage social media in favor of organizational success. When it comes to social media […]

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Is ‘Facebook at Work’ Going to Change Workplace Social Media?

December 5, 2014   

Just when we thought Facebook couldn’t get any more pervasive in our lives they’ve announced the upcoming launch of ‘Facebook at Work’ that threatens to steal the limelight from LinkedIn. The Concept Think of it this way—you don’t want to be caught surfing Facebook and “liking” status updates at work, and your employees likely don’t […]

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Retention Secret #4: Going Social

October 9, 2014   

According to the Human Resources and Social Media study by KPMG (source), there are a number of interesting statistics that related to social media  and the talent management/HR environment: 40% of companies admit to having no training or governance of social media. 60% of employees would like help from employers to share relevant content. 43% […]

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