skills gap

Think Globally, Hire and Train Locally

February 2, 2015   

When I last wrote about the growing skills gap in the American workforce (see Why Obama’s Free Community College Plan is a GREAT Idea), I referred to the Harvard Business Review article Who Can Fix the ‘Middle-Skills’ Gap? and how what the authors were calling for, a kind of patchwork quilt of efforts that would […]

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Why Obama’s Free Community College Plan is a GREAT Idea

January 14, 2015   

President Barack Obama thinks community college should be free to anyone willing to work hard at it, the same way primary and secondary schooling from elementary through high school has been free for ages. For a moment I want to set aside all the arguments as to the idea’s feasibility in terms of how to […]

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Taking a Creative Approach to Closing the Skills Gap

October 23, 2014   

The skills gap. One of the most pervasive problems companies report facing right now, which is quite a paradox, considering the unemployment situation. Let’s take a look at the numbers, as noted in a report from Career Builder entitled “The Shocking Truth About the Skills Gap:” Over ½ of the businesses that responded to the […]

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