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Can Performance Reviews Be Harmful? And If So, What You Can Do About It

November 6, 2015   

Research highlighted by the Wall Street Journal is showing something surprising: not only can performance reviews cause a bit of anxiety for employees, but this stress can actually be harmful.  The Findings The Wall Street Journal is bringing to attention the findings of a paper in Strategy + Business, written by a team of researchers […]

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The Difference Between Performance Management and Performance Appraisal

November 26, 2014   

If you think that your company’s annual performance appraisal or review means you’re doing performance management, think again. Understanding how the two are different, and how they relate to each other, is a key learning point for today’s HR and talent management professionals. The problem of course, is that for the vast majority of employees […]

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Performance Management System Overhaul: Autodesk Case Study

November 13, 2014   

If you’re considering making significant changes to your company’s PM system, it’s very useful to hear from someone who’s gone through the process, which is why I’m capping off my series of articles about performance management with a case study of a company that’s done it. Autodesk first made a name for itself with AutoCAD, […]

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Up Your Own Performance During Employee Appraisals

October 23, 2014   

We recently covered some of the most common performance appraisal mistakes made by managers and companies in general, so what do you do if you see some things you’re doing wrong on the list? Correct it. A good system for performance appraisals can improve your workforce’s productivity, morale, engagement and be a pivotal part of […]

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A New Approach to Performance Management

September 25, 2014   

In this current series of articles on performance management (PM), we’ve presented what we think is a very convincing case that far too many PM systems in organizations today are broken and fail to deliver the kind of bottom-line business impact that they should provide. The dreaded ritual of the annual performance review or appraisal […]

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Diagnosing Your Ailing Performance Management System

September 23, 2014   

In my last article, What’s Wrong with Performance Management and Annual Reviews? I highlighted the extent to which many performance management (PM) systems are surprisingly dysfunctional in today’s organizations. Now it’s time to go a bit deeper into what’s really happening with your PM system in order to figure out what you can do about […]

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What’s Wrong with Performance Management and Annual Reviews?

September 21, 2014   

Short answer: Plenty! Few things in life produce more moans and groans in the workplace than the mind-numbing, fear-inducing ritual of annual performance reviews. In recent years, there have been calls for companies to free themselves from this burdensome practice. See our video on performance management vs performance appraisal. If you don’t believe that the […]

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