managing millennials

Recognizing and Managing Overachievers

November 5, 2015   

The term overachiever can draw sharp and distinctive reactions from people, particularly in the workplace. On one side are people who view overachievers as the dream employees, while there are some who feel the term is one that’s not necessarily positive. While “overachiever” isn’t a new term, it’s become more prevalent in talent management, particularly […]

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Are Millennials Redefining How We View the Work Week?

September 24, 2014   

We’ve been hearing stories about the “flexible work week” from countries around the globe for quite some time. The concept of compressed work weeks is no longer for European countries now however, as Millennials lead the charge towards the concept of a more flexible work environment that starts with ending the concept of a 9 […]

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Tackling the Issue of Managing Millennials

September 18, 2014   

Just the term Millennial is enough to strike if not fear, at least some apprehension in the hearts of employers. The concept of effectively managing Millennials seems to be one that eludes many workplace leaders, and increasingly there are reports that not only are managers having trouble with both attracting and managing Millennials, but that […]

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