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Now Trending: Service

March 2, 2015   

I’ve written three previous “Now Trending” articles on honesty, generosity, and accountability. These are important posts because what I’m doing is laying out a business agenda for the 21st century that hones in on the values that will sustain business well into the future. Who can forget the compelling depiction of the corrosive effects of […]

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Now Trending: Accountability

February 2, 2015   

Mention the word accountability in organizations today and you’re likely to get some uncomfortable fidgeting, maybe even some rolling of the eyes. Why is that? In part it’s because of how accountability is typically positioned in organizations – it tends to only get talked about when things are going poorly. When accountability is discussed within […]

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Management Missteps

January 30, 2015   

You may have noticed that I’ve written two different articles that start with “Now Trending” in their titles – Now Trending: Honesty, and Now Trending: Generosity. I hope to write many more of these articles because I firmly believe that there are some key values that need to be embraced for businesses, organizations, and even […]

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Companies Putting an Honest Culture into Practice

December 23, 2014   

In our previous post we talked about the importance of an honest corporate culture, and how to develop one in your workplace. While looking at different ways to create this type of culture, it’s also beneficial to look at how some of today’s top companies are putting into the practice the concept of honest corporate […]

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