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Zenefits Highlights the Problems of a Corporate Culture Gone Wild

February 28, 2016   

Zenefits has been making news headlines all year, and not for the reasons it wants to be. The latest scandal coming from Zenefits came to light at the end of February when the story broke that Zenefits was revamping its culture. What did that mean? The Silicon Valley company was banning sex and drinking at […]

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What All Businesses Can Learn From The HubSpot Culture Code

February 14, 2016   

An Overview of HubSpot Hubspot, based in Cambridge, MA., is a company that delivers and sells inbound marketing software. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, the company earned $100 million in funding at its launch from companies like Scale Venture Partners, Salesforce, and Fidelity. The company […]

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Now Trending: Service

March 2, 2015   

I’ve written three previous “Now Trending” articles on honesty, generosity, and accountability. These are important posts because what I’m doing is laying out a business agenda for the 21st century that hones in on the values that will sustain business well into the future. Who can forget the compelling depiction of the corrosive effects of […]

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Culture Assessments for Mergers and Acquisitions

December 18, 2014   

Assessing an organization’s culture is important for any company, but there are few times when it is more critical than when a merger or acquisition (M&A) is on the horizon. If your company is acquiring another organization, don’t short-change an assessment of the new acquisition. It’s absolutely essential to get this right, and worth paying […]

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7 Signs Your Organization Has a Toxic Corporate Culture

September 30, 2014   

Think a negative or less than ideal corporate culture is meaningless? It’s not. You may have a small business and not even realize you have a corporate culture, but regardless of whether or not you recognize it, you undoubtedly have a culture, for the better or worse. Corporate culture encompasses so much of how employees […]

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