Analytics for Talent Management

June 25, 2016   

The age of Big Data is here, and just about every business knows they ought to be tapping into it to generate actionable insights and better business decision-making. Generating reams or gigabytes of data, however, is the easy part. Without the analytics tools and expertise to make sense of that data, the promise of Big […]

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What Analytics Should Mean to You

May 28, 2015   

Big Data is shaping up to be the buzz trend of the 21st century with the widest-ranging implications and impacts. I can’t think of a single aspect of business where it won’t come into play in some form, including talent management and HR. This is one of those areas where talent management and HR could […]

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Workforce Optimization Versus Workforce Planning

November 20, 2014   

For decades, the talk in HR and talent management was all about workforce planning. With the arrival of Big Data and analytics in the 21st century, however, that talk has shifted to workforce optimization. They sound similar, but in reality they’re substantially different, serve different purposes, and result in different outcomes. Both are needed, but […]

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Big Data and One Page Talent Management

September 30, 2014   

Big Data and analytics have arrived to HR, and companies that embrace them dramatically outperform the 86% that still focus on reactive and operational reporting (Bersin by Deloitte). Achieving and sustaining competitive advantage requires graduating from HR metrics to strategic workforce analytics and planning. These trends are both exciting and overwhelming to many talent management […]

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