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Dealing with Toxic Personalities in the Workplace

January 30, 2015   

The last time I was in graduate school, one of the most powerful presentations I attended was about toxic people in the workplace. They can really do a ton of damage and end up costing an organization a lot of money and heartache. I use the word toxic because I’m talking about more than the […]

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Spotlighting Patagonia’s Employee Activism Program

December 31, 2014   

In our previous post we talked about the rise of employee volunteer and philanthropy programs, happening in large part because of the demands of Millennials. Patagonia is one company paving the way in terms of promoting employee volunteer work and the idea of giving back as part of a talent management strategy. Download the free […]

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Carolinas HealthCare Systems Shows a Seamless Relationship Between Talent Management and the Healthcare Industry

December 16, 2014   

Healthcare is in the midst of so many changes and the shifts happening in the industry aren’t just impacting patients—they’re also impacting healthcare professionals. We often forget the role healthcare professionals play in this whole complicated relationship between patients, insurers, the government, businesses and all of the other stakeholders involved in the process. It’s been […]

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Clif Bar’s Innovative Talent Management Strategy Earns Attention

October 31, 2014   

Clif Bar is a company producing health-related foods—primarily natural and organic foods aimed at athletes, nature lovers and people on-the-go. Along with providing what they bill as nourishing foods for an active lifestyle, Clif Bar & Company also prides itself for its holistic business goals. This is a family-owned and operated business and they base […]

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The Business of Wellness: Creating a Corporate Wellness Program That Works

September 22, 2014   

When we talk about some of today’s talent management and workplace buzzwords like flexibility and work-life balance, another topic that also comes up is the concept of a corporate wellness program. Employers are increasingly focusing on the creation and implementation of corporate wellness programs for a variety of reasons. Many of these reasons may focus […]

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