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Using Case Studies to Recruit Talent

August 22, 2016   

It’s a question nearly every manager has asked at some point in their career: How do I recruit the very best talent from around the world? Want the answer? Look to the experts. If you’re in the management industry, you’ve likely heard people say that if you want to recruit the best talent, you hire McKinsey […]

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Talent and the Liberal Arts

July 31, 2016   

As the summer winds down and the school year looms, it is not just employers but also parents and college-age students who are thinking about the relationship between education and job training. While liberal arts degrees have long existed and at times been considered the best start for people working across sectors, harsh economic times, […]

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Managing Talent After Brexit

June 26, 2016   

Last week at this time few people could have predicted that Britain would be leaving the European Union. Indeed, most polls suggested the remain side would win by a small margin. On Friday, in the UK and around the world, markets crashed and businesses and government employees went into crisis. Beyond the obvious business ramifications […]

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Analytics for Talent Management

June 25, 2016   

The age of Big Data is here, and just about every business knows they ought to be tapping into it to generate actionable insights and better business decision-making. Generating reams or gigabytes of data, however, is the easy part. Without the analytics tools and expertise to make sense of that data, the promise of Big […]

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Talent Management in the Age of Agile

June 25, 2016   

The whole concept of agile emerged from the software development industry as a way of making the development process more efficient and effective with streamlined communication and rapid decision-making in an intensely collaborative, typically cross-functional teamwork environment. It’s about rapid response to change and adapting quickly to ever-changing landscapes. The concept is being increasingly applied […]

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Self-Initiated Expatriate Talent

June 5, 2016   

In a global market, many organizations are now seeking to recruit the talent needed to work across markets on an international scale. In some cases, this means acquiring existing companies in a new location and along with the acquisition, acquiring the company’s talent. However, in a global economy, the opportunity also exist to tap into […]

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Coping Strategies for the 24/7 Workplace

May 28, 2016   

Today, more and more workers are expected to be on-call 24/7 either to respond to co-workers and business associates in other time zones around world or simply to demonstrate their full commitment to their job and employer. A new study published in the June 2016 Harvard Business Review reports that while workers are adopting various […]

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Are Employee Uniforms Passé?

May 25, 2016   

While some uniforms have always been issued (e.g., consider the sharp flight attendant uniforms that still exist to this day), other uniforms have simply been assumed (e.g., the blue suits that are still worn by most Wall Street bankers). There is no question, however, that over time, both the uniform and explicit and implied dress […]

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Facebook’s Troubles Just Got Bigger

May 18, 2016   

You’ve already heard the news–Facebook is on the hot seat for admitting that its trending news is not simply a reflection of an algorithm but also subject to tampering by its human newsroom editors. Worse yet, the allegations suggest that Facebook’s human newsroom editors have been intentionally suppressing right-wing news stories about Paul Rand, Donald […]

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2016’s Top Talent Management Priority

May 16, 2016   

Deloitte’s recently released study found that in 2016, the top priority for talent managers is organization design. As the study reports: After three years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to redesign the organization itself, with 92 percent of survey participants rating […]

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