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Coping Strategies for the 24/7 Workplace

May 28, 2016   

Today, more and more workers are expected to be on-call 24/7 either to respond to co-workers and business associates in other time zones around world or simply to demonstrate their full commitment to their job and employer. A new study published in the June 2016 Harvard Business Review reports that while workers are adopting various […]

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8 of the Most Common Talent Management Mishaps Made by Startups

February 28, 2016   

In today’s marketplace, just the word “startup” conjures images of a glamorous, fast-paced career where innovators are coming together to change the world. While that might be true for some startups, it’s not the norm. This past week has really highlighted some of the issues happening with startups and technology companies in general. Two big […]

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What All Businesses Can Learn From The HubSpot Culture Code

February 14, 2016   

An Overview of HubSpot Hubspot, based in Cambridge, MA., is a company that delivers and sells inbound marketing software. Founded by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2016, the company earned $100 million in funding at its launch from companies like Scale Venture Partners, Salesforce, and Fidelity. The company […]

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What It’s Like to Work at McKinsey & Company

December 7, 2015   

One of the many elements of creating a great talent management strategy is looking at how the best are doing things. According to, McKinsey & Company is one of those leaders, as they made the list of the Top 10 Companies to Work for in 2015.

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part IV: Camaraderie

July 9, 2015   

The opening article of this four-part series set the stage for what it is that workers need from their employers to feel enthusiastic about their jobs. The second article explored details of equity and fair treatment while the third article drilled down into six aspects of achievement. In this fourth and final installment of the […]

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part II: Equity

July 7, 2015   

“Enlisting the willing cooperation of a workforce in achieving the aims of an enterprise is impossible unless people have a sense of elemental fairness in the way they are treated.” ~ The Enthusiastic Employee, page 11. In this second article of the four-part series on enthusiasm in the workplace, the focus is on the first […]

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The Enthusiastic Workplace, Part I: What Employees Really Want

July 6, 2015   

Is your company an enthusiastic workplace? Do employees come in chomping at the bit, raring and ready to give each day at work their peak performance? I can practically hear the responses out there among some of you: “Are you kidding?” or “Anything but!” or “In my dreams, maybe.” And there’s the first problem right […]

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Back to Basics: Customer Service

April 15, 2015   

It’s all too easy to lose sight of some of the basic characteristics of what makes for a great workplace. One of those basics is customer service. If you’re in the talent management or HR department, you might think customer service doesn’t apply to you, but it does. Rather than the customer being external to […]

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Could You Fire a Family Member? Family Business Challenges.

March 25, 2015   

Could You Fire a Family Member? How to Handle Difficult Talent Management Challenges in Today’s Family Business Family business in America can’t be underestimated—these enterprises account for 50 percent of America’s GDP, 60 percent of employment in the U.S. and 78 percent of all new job creation. (Clark, 2014). It’s not just the U.S. where […]

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Now Trending: Service

March 2, 2015   

I’ve written three previous “Now Trending” articles on honesty, generosity, and accountability. These are important posts because what I’m doing is laying out a business agenda for the 21st century that hones in on the values that will sustain business well into the future. Who can forget the compelling depiction of the corrosive effects of […]

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