Can Board Diversity Change an Organization?

May 17, 2016   

As diversity questions continue to dominate the high-tech sector, Twitter has appointed a new board member to help change its profile. On Monday, Debra Lee, chairman and chief executive of BET Networks, announced that she was joining the board. The 61 year old is a well-known African American media business figure who has overseen the […]

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2016’s Top Talent Management Priority

May 16, 2016   

Deloitte’s recently released study found that in 2016, the top priority for talent managers is organization design. As the study reports: After three years of struggling to drive employee engagement and retention, improve leadership, and build a meaningful culture, executives see a need to redesign the organization itself, with 92 percent of survey participants rating […]

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Management During Natural Disasters

May 8, 2016   

From the Texas oil fields to the Alberta tar sands, the oil industry in North America is currently in crisis, leaving many workers unemployed, including many young workers with little education and no experience working outside the energy sector. This week, in the midst of the oil industry’s already devastating downfall, one impacted community faced […]

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Project Include Fights Discrimination with Data

May 5, 2016   

Over the past twenty-four months, the Silicon Valley has been coming face-to-face with its diversity problem and so far, the news has mostly been bad. First, there were reports of the staggeringly low number of visible minority workers and women employed at Google, Apple and other major technology companies across the nation.  Then, Ellen Pao […]

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The Value of Training Part-time Employees

May 1, 2016   

A recent report in the Wall Street Journal found that at least some companies that traditionally hired high numbers of part-time workers, including retailers and fast-food outlets, are focusing on full-time hires instead. Bucking broader hiring trends that continue to see more part-time, temporary and contingent workers across sectors nationwide, these companies are reassessing the […]

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