Self-Initiated Expatriate Talent

June 5, 2016   

In a global market, many organizations are now seeking to recruit the talent needed to work across markets on an international scale. In some cases, this means acquiring existing companies in a new location and along with the acquisition, acquiring the company’s talent. However, in a global economy, the opportunity also exist to tap into […]

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Theranos and Holmes After Theranos

June 4, 2016   

Over the past year, few CEOs have received more attention than Elizabeth Holmes—the exceptionally young and female one-time billionaire whose fortune evolved around a single desired medical technology: an inexpensive, fast and easy way to conduct blood tests. This week, news reports announced that Holmes’s rise and fall was over. Once worth an estimated 9 […]

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Generalists v. Specialists: New Findings

May 29, 2016   

Since the rise of modernity, humans have been specializing at what appears to be an ever-increasing pace. But could it be that the generalist is once again–after a 500 year hiatus–on the rise?

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Coping Strategies for the 24/7 Workplace

May 28, 2016   

Today, more and more workers are expected to be on-call 24/7 either to respond to co-workers and business associates in other time zones around world or simply to demonstrate their full commitment to their job and employer. A new study published in the June 2016 Harvard Business Review reports that while workers are adopting various […]

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Are Employee Uniforms Passé?

May 25, 2016   

While some uniforms have always been issued (e.g., consider the sharp flight attendant uniforms that still exist to this day), other uniforms have simply been assumed (e.g., the blue suits that are still worn by most Wall Street bankers). There is no question, however, that over time, both the uniform and explicit and implied dress […]

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