The Rise of Transgender Issues in the Workplace

June 25, 2016   

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 established as federal law the prohibition against private employers engaging in discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, it has only been very recently that that the law’s Title VII has been interpreted to include gender identity and gender expression, thereby providing protection to transgender […]

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Businesses Standing with Orlando

June 20, 2016   

After last week’s tragic massacre in Orlando, businesses around the world launched campaigns to express their support for the victims and for the broader LGBT community. Delta Airlines, for example, paid for advertisements in high-profile locations in major cities across the United States. The advertisements feature a ribbon that combines the American and Pride flags. […]

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Cross Cultural Time at Work

June 11, 2016   

There is possibly nothing more generative than a cross-cultural team, but cross-cultural teams also come with challenges and at times, misunderstandings. Among the challenges posed by cross cultural teams are members’ very different feelings about deadlines. Stereotypes not withstanding, some cultures are more punctual than other cultures, and in the workplace this can and does […]

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Banning Email to Increase Productivity

June 10, 2016   

The news we’ve all been waiting for has arrived–email is dragging us down. What many workers have griped about for the past two decades is now making news: Email may not increase our productivity after all. A Short History of Email First, a short history of email may be in need. Email has existed since […]

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Rethinking Startups and Job Creation

June 7, 2016   

There is a widespread belief that startups are great engines for the economy and for job creation. The myth is so widespread, it has a notable impact on where and how young people now approach their job search. If you survey a group of recent graduates or college students on the summer job market about […]

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