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Cait Etherington is a writer and education/training consultant with over two decades of experience. Her research focuses on the impact of new media technologies on education and training. Her essays, articles and reviews have been published in magazines and research journals across the United States and internationally. She is a regular contributor to TalentManagement360.com blog. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cait-etherington-694a16103 https://twitter.com/caitetherington

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Now Trending: Rebel Employees

November 5, 2016   

You’ve tried transparency. You’ve tried culture. You’ve tried increasing engagement. You’ve even embraced the workplace design trend. What’s next? The Harvard Business Review recently published an article by Italian management expert, Francesca Gino, on the need to let employees rebel. That’s right–rebel. To be fair, Gino is not talking about full-on anarchy but rather a […]

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Diversity in the Gig Economy

October 29, 2016   

In most workplaces, employees work for organizations directly. If they don’t follow the company’s rules, they are penalized. If they continue to defy company policies, they are fired. It’s that simple. In the gig economy, things are a bit more complex. Take Airbnb as an example of one company struggling to police the actions of […]

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Clothing and Job Performance

October 28, 2016   

With Halloween just around the corner, costumes are everywhere, and this year, Donald Trump masks have predictably soared to the top of popular costumes. In reality, however, most of us wear a “costume” to work everyday of the year. But does wearing the right “costume” to work really matter? One recent survey of 1,172 adults […]

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Seasonal Hiring: The Talent Crunch

October 25, 2016   

Halloween is just around the corner but for retailers, the need to hire Black Friday and Christmas staff is already a pressing concern. As reported in today’s Wall Street Journal, despite starting as early as August, this year many retailers are scrambling to hire holiday-season workers in a tight labor market. How many seasonable workers […]

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The Higher Pay Payback

October 17, 2016   

It is widely acknowledged that service industry jobs have the highest churn rate of any job occupation. Why? While part of the problem is the demographic (historically, many service industry jobs were held by teens and people in their early twenties), increasingly, these jobs are held by adults but still produce high churn rates, because […]

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