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Cait Etherington is a writer and education/training consultant with over two decades of experience. Her research focuses on the impact of new media technologies on education and training. Her essays, articles and reviews have been published in magazines and research journals across the United States and internationally. She is a regular contributor to TalentManagement360.com blog. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cait-etherington-694a16103 https://twitter.com/caitetherington

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REI’s Black Friday Closing

November 19, 2016   

As reported in our previous post on Gray Thursday, a growing number of retailers are now asking employees to work not only on Black Friday but also on Thanksgiving Day. At least one retailer is bucking this trend. In 2015, progressive outdoor supplier REI paid its 12,000 employees to take the day off and spend […]

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Thanksgiving or Gray Thursday?

November 19, 2016   

30% of annual retail sales take place between Black Friday and Christmas. An especially high percentage of sales take place over the Thanksgiving weekend. To put this into perspective, consider just a few 2015 sales figures. On Black Friday, over 74 million Americans went shopping. While this may sound like a huge chunk of the […]

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Talent Recruitment Across Borders

November 13, 2016   

Over the past five days, some Americans have been wondering, “Can I just move to Canada?” In fact, even before election night was over, the Canadian immigration website crashed due to the high number of Americans attempting to come up with a “exit plan.” There is a widespread perception that moving to Canada is an […]

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Helping Employees Post-Election

November 9, 2016   

There was nothing normal about the 2016 election, and there will be nothing normal about its aftermath. While elections always bring out employees’ differences, this election has created divides deeper than perhaps any election in living memory. As a result, today, in the wake of the election’s surprising conclusion, many HR leaders are asking, “How […]

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At-Risk Youth in the Talent Pool

November 5, 2016   

When most talent managers think about so-called “at-risk youth,” they are more likely to think about them in the context of a seasonal food or clothing drive or charity event than in the context of recruitment. The grim reality is that for a lot of “at-risk youth”–in the the United States, these youth are often […]

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